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bank holiday
FDR declare March 6 - 10 a national break for banks; passed much needed legislature in this time
Emergency Banking Relief Act
Eval. all bank; closures of "insolvent" banks
Glass-Steagall Banking Act
Created FDIC; upgrades Federal Reserve Bank upgrade
Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933
All gold must be sold to gov't in exchange for paper currency
Gold Reserve Act
Creates a gov't hoard of gold - Fort Knox
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Regulation of stock trading in public corporations
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Provides people to put insurance on their deposits; convinced people to trust banks again
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Stabilizes crop price and raises farm incomes
Farm Credit Act
Creates Farm Credit Administration which oversees all Farm Credit programs
Resettlement Act
Created Resettlement Admin.; relocated struggling families to communities planned by the fed. gov't
Farm Tenancy Act
Created program to help tenant farmers purchase land
Civilian Conservation Corps
Relieve widespread unemployment by providing natural conservation work for young men
Tennessee Valley Authority
Corporation that used public works projects and hydroelectricity to bring irrigation, employment, and agricultural stimulus back into the Tennessee Valley
Civil Works Administration
Created NIRA
Works Progress Administration
Employed millions of jobless Americans for public work projects; specifically employed musicians, artists, and actors
Rural Electrification Administration
Created to bring electricity to rural areas (like in Tennessee Valley)
Soil Conservation Service (REFORM for the future)
Taught farmers how to preserve land for future use; reduce soil erosion
Home Owners Loan Act
Creates Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) which stabilized real estate by refinancing mortgage debt
Wagner-Steagall Act
Gov't pays local housing agencies to improve living conditions of impoverished
Federal Housing Act
Creates Federal Housing Admin. which insured loans for the reconstruction of homes
Federal Emergency Relief Act
Gave loans to states to operate relief programs
Social Security Act
Provide benefits to elderly, retired, and unemployment by providing regular monthly payments
National Industrial Recovery Act
Right to organize; minimum wage no child labor
National Labor Relations Act
Right to chose agents for collective bargaining
Fair Labor Standards Act
Set maximum hours and minimum wage
Federal Communications Commission
Regulates interstate communications by radio
Federal Trade Commission
President appointed commission controls unfair trade practices