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¿Conoces a Juan?
Do you know/have you met Juan?
Te conocía de oídas.
He'd heard of you.
Lo conozco de nombre.
I know the name.
Conocer a alguien de vista.
To know someone by sight.
Es de todos conocido.
He's well known.
Quiero que conozcas a mi novio.
I want you to meet my boyfriend.
Nunca llegué a conocerlo bien.
I never really got to know him.
¿conoces Irlanda?
Do you know Ireland/Have you been to Ireland?
Quiere conocer mundo.
She wants to see the world.
Me encantaría conocer tu país.
I'd love to visit your country.
conocían sus actividades
They knew of/about his activities.
dar a conocer
to announce
darse a conocer
to make oneself known
Intentó no darse a conocer.
He tried to keep his identity a secret.
Te conocí por la voz.
I knew it was you by your voice.
Se conoce que no están en casa.
They don't seem to be home.
Se conoce que ya llevaba algún tiempo enfermo.
Apparently he had been ill for some time.