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What is the position psychologists today take in the nature-nurture issue?
They interact to produce both psychological and physical traits
What are the innate human characteristics?
Infant reflexes, an interest to play, a desire to explore an manipulate objects, an impulse to play and fool around, and basic cognitive abilities.
Sociobiologist argue that:
Social behavior in animals, including humans, can be explained by evolutionary concepts.
What is the reason critics challenge the evolutionary view if sex differences in dating and mating?
The behavior of humans often fails to conform to the stereotypes images if sexually promiscuous males and coy females.
What is defined as a statistical estimate of the proportion of the total variance in some trait that is attributed to genetic differences among individuals within a group?
👪 Past down through genes.
Suppose a researcher finds that taste in music tends to be more similar for identical twins than it is for fraternal twins. What would suggest that the heritability for music taste:
Is relatively high.
What is an intelligence quotient?
A measure if the variability test scores that is computed be taking every score in the chronological age and multiplying the result by 100.
What is an intellectual difference between and within Various groups?
Even if variation within groups is mostly due to genetic differences between groups may still be due to environmental differences.
The average IQ gap between severely malnourished children and well-nourished children can be as high as:
20 points
What is the relative contribution of nature and nurture to intelligence?
The development of intelligence is the result of a complicated interaction between nature and nurture.
Why you gotta go and make things so complicated?
the most common consequence of _________________ during pregnancy is deafness.
German measles
Psychologists who study physiological & cognitive changes across the lifespan and how these are affected by a person's genetic predispositions, culture, circumstances, and experience are called:
Developmental psychologists
The newborn infant has a number of ______ such as sucking, grasping, and rooting, which aid in the baby's survival.
Motor reflexes
The research by Margaret and Harry Harlow demonstrated a need for ________________ in young rhesus monkeys.
How far did the infant rhesus monkeys that were raised with both an artificial "wore monkey" and an artificial "cloth monkey" respond to these objects?
They would cling to the "cloth monkey" especially when frightened or startled.
When do children become wary if fearful of strangers?
Between 6-8 months
After greeting her relatives at the airport, Joey's mother leaves him with his grandmother and gets luggage. 8month old Joey becomes fearful of the stranger holding him and begins to cry. This distress is an example of:
Separation anxiety?
You and Lucy have this
Mary Ainworth devised an experiment method called the strange situation in order to determine:
The nature if attachment between mothers and babies. 👶👩
Mary Ainsworth observed that securely attached infants:
Cry or protest if the mother leaves the room and welcome her back when she returns.
When researchers compared infants who were in daycare for varying hours of the week they found that:
Day care has no significant effect in the security of a child's attachment.