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Latinos represent what percentage of the total U.S. population?


What is the proper term used to describe people originally from Mexico?


What is the term used to describe Mexicans of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry?


What condition that primarily affects adult women is caused by susto?


Who supervises the use of home remedies in the home?

Senoras, abuelos

What was the most popular beverage during the time of the Aztecs?

Chocolatl, a hot unsweetened chocolate drink made from native cacao beans

What is the flat bread of Mexico called?


Which dish is a specialty of the Mexican Plains region of Mexico?

Hominy-based stews known as pozoles

Approximately how many varieties of chile peppers are found in the tropical region of Mexico?


Which of the following is the Mexican word for “lunch”?

Comida or almuerzo

What are festivities at Christmas called?


What is the traditional cornmeal beverage called?


What is an example of an Americanized Mexican food created by Tex-Mex cuisine?

tamale pie or nachos or chili con carne

What is the communication style of Latinos?

High context and non-confrontational, a warm dignified relationship is most effective and crucial in difficult health care situations

In Central America, beans are eaten daily. What type of beans are popular in Guatemala?

Black beans

Which of the following is a popular home remedy in Central America?

Herbal, especially teas

Over 80% of Mexicans are mestizos, of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry.


Aguas naturales is a drink made from fresh fruit, water, and sugar.

true or false not sure found this on internet Agua Frescas

The Yucatan peninsula is geographically isolated from the rest of Mexico and has its own regional cuisine.


Cornerstones of the daily diet in Central America are?

Beans and corn

How many tropical islands are found in the Caribbean between Florida and Venezuela?

more than 1,000

Approximately what percentage of the Latino population in the U.S. are Caribbean Islanders?

20 %

Which group of Caribbean Islanders are not technically immigrants because they are U.S. citizens?

Puerto Ricans

Where is “Little Havana,” the U.S. community where the majority of Cubans live?


The majority of Caribbean Islanders are of what religion?

Roman Catholics

Which Caribbean culture is especially concerned with flow of blood in relation to illness?


The staple cassava has two varieties: manioc and _____.


What is the dish containing legumes most often eaten in the Caribbean called?

Rice and Beans

What is a meat stew made from the boiled juice of the cassava called?


What is the most important beverage in the Caribbean, believed to have originated in Barbados?


Which type of beans is Cuban cuisine noted for?

Black Beans

What is the name of a famous wet spice mixture used as a “rub” on meat before barbequing in Jamaica?

Jamanican Jerk

Viandas or starchy foods have a central role in the diet of which country?

Puerto Rican

According to our textbook, South America is composed of _____ independent nations


What is the predominant religion in South America?

Roman Catholic

Which of the following is a blend of indigenous and African belief systems found in South America?


Which of the following is generally true regarding families in South America?

Family life is important

What is a small market or stand which sells medicinal botanicals for home use called?


The diet of South Americans is largely based on what staple?

Corn based and Spiced

What is ceviche?

a South American dish of marinated raw fish or seafood, typically garnished and served as an appetizer.

What country has the highest beef consumption per capita?


Potatoes are particularly important in the highlands of what country?


What is the name of the favorite Dominican rice dish that is similar to Spanish paella but with only one type meat or fish instead of a combination?


In general, the population of the Caribbean Islands would be described as ethnically homogeneous.


Picadillo is a beef hash eaten in Cuba that was influenced by the Spanish.


Brazil’s cuisine is uniform throughout the country without much variation among the five regions.


Which of the following are common factors between Pacific Islanders and Southeast Asians?


Which of the following is not one of the 3 practices to produce balance in Filipino culture?


The majority of Americans of Filipino descent are what religion?

roman catholics

What is the predominant religion in Cambodia?

theravadda buddhism

For Southeast Asians, which of the following factors is not potentially a cause for illness?

symptoms, defined by cause

What Southeast Asian culture believes the body is sustained by three separate souls?


What Southeast Asian group identifies 32 spirits that oversee the 32 organs of the body?

cambodian and lola

In Southeast Asia, which of the following is a milk-based dish you might eat in the Philippines?

leche flan

In what country are you likely to be served French cream-filled pastries?


What type of sauce is typical in Southeast Asia?

fermented fish

What is the foundation of the diet in Southeast Asia?

fish, seafood , fruits, veggies, rice

What is the popular noodle-based soup in Vietnam?


Which of the following is a common beverage for people of Southeast Asia?

soy milk

What is the main ingredient in the popular Hawaiian dish lomi-lomi?

chunks of salmon

What is the Hawaiian name for the fire pit used for traditional cooking?


Which cuisine is known as one of the hottest in the world?


What type of dishes are commonly eaten for breakfast and lunch in Thailand?

Cereal and noodles

What is the most popular meat in Australian cuisine?

pork. I think this is right

The national dessert of both Australia and New Zealand is:


Which group of Southeast Islanders is most likely to use chopsticks instead of flatware or fingers when eating?


What is the name of a holiday enjoyed in the South Pacific in which the adults wait on the children in the family?

white sunday third sunday of october

Filipinos suffer from Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS).

false. cambodians

Cupping, flushing, and coining are traditional healing treatments that are no longer used by Southeast Asians.

false it is in use

During Vietnamese meals, all of the dishes are served at the same time.


In the Philippines hot and cold theory is part of the therapeutic uses of food.


Pacific Islanders eat mainly native-grown foods.


How much of the world’s land mass does Asia encompass?

one third

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, what is the vital force of life?

QI equated with energy, air, breath

What is the Chinese word for yellow rice wine?

hau diao

Which of the following best describes Chinese food preparation?


Chinese cooking has very specific regional variations based on climate. Which of the following is a dish traditionally associated with northern Chinese cooking?

pek duck

Which of the following is an example of a northern culinary region of China?

shandog/ Beijing

What is the cooking style the majority of Chinese restaurants in the U.S. use, making it the most familiar to Americans?

fan maybe?

The most important festival in China revolves around what holiday?

new years

What is the term for first-generation immigrants to the U.S. who were born in Japan?


What is the indigenous religion of Japan?


What is the main difference between Chinese and Japanese cuisine?

japanese prefer shot grain rice

What is raw fish or squid called in Japan?


In Korea, who fills the role of head of the family if the father is not present?

eldest son

What is the foundation of the Korean diet?


Kimchi is a famous Korean dish which contains

shredded chinese cabbage and white radish, garlic, chiles, onions

Kimchi is served at every Korean meal


Congee is Chinese rice porridge, often eaten for breakfast or when a person is ill.


Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan, has a formal hierarchy of “masters” and priests.

False I think

Many Japanese etiquette rules are similar to those of the Chinese except in Japan the rice bowl is not held as close to the mouth.


In Korea generational ties, or family loyalties, are more important than those of marriage.


What is the lightly battered and deep-fried style of cooking found in Japan

tempura, or katsu

Kimchi is served at every Korean meal.

False I think

MiddleEasterners represent one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the U.S.What is the estimated Arab population based on a recent poll of Arab ancestry?

3.5 million

Thelargest concentration of Muslims is located in what American city?

St. louis

Thefirst Greek Orthodox Church in the U.S. was founded in 1864 in which city?

New orleans

Whatis the herbal Greek cure for a sore throat

lemon and honey

InIran, body humors need to be kept in balance. In practice, Iranians areprimarily concerned with which of the following?

with hot and cold

Whenwheat kernels are steamed and either dried and crushed, the name of this foodis


Moroccanfood reflects Berber cooking. The Berbers are


Cookedpureed chickpeas are the base for what Middle Eastern dip


Whatis the name for thin slices of souvlakifolded into pita bread with tomatoes, cucumber, and yogurt?


Whathigh-proof brandy made from plums is available in Serbia and Slovenia?


Whatis the definitive northern Balkan treat made from sweet yeast bread rolled witha rich walnut, butter, cream, and egg filling called?


Whatis the name for a chewy or crunchy ring-shaped roll that resembles a bagel inshape and is served in Turkey?


Whatare Greek meatballs called?


Whatis the national dish in Syria and Lebanon?


Whatpre-Lenten holiday that is similar to Carnival or Mardi Gras is celebrated bythe Greek Orthodox Church?


Whatis the Israeli independence day called?

secular yom ha atzma'ut

Thetraditional Middle East family feels that the modesty and chastity of the womenin the family reflect on the honor of the whole family


Thecuisine of the Middle East never features fruits cooked in with meat-baseddishes.

False I think

Fresh milk is not widely consumed inthe Balkans although it is used in cooking.


Wheneating at a home in the Middle East, the guest should always accept the offerof food; to refuse would be an insult.


In Greece, traditionally eggs are dyedmany colors to celebrate Easter.

False just red

Inthe Middle East, it is believed the digestive system must have time to adjustbetween eating foods that are hot in temperature and then foods that are coldin temperature.


Thetraditional diet of the nations bordering the Mediterranean is high inmonounsaturated fat, which may be related to lower risk of heart disease.


0Whatis the caste associated with the priest profession in India?


Whatreligion do nearly 85% of Indians follow?


Whichof the following is the highest of the Indian castes?


Whichof the following describes Indian dating and marriages?


Healersin Pakistan are known as what?


of the following castes which are vegetarians

indians? maybe

Atandoor is

clay oven

Bombayduck” is made of what salted meat?


Whatis a whole lamb or chicken skewered on a small pole which is inserted into thedirt around a large fire in Pakistan is called


Ameal is not a meal unless the traditional staple prepared in the traditionalmanner is served. Which of the following would make a meal a meal in India?

boiled rice

Whichof the following is an Indian festival for the New Year in which sweets areshared?

pival the festival of lights

WhichHindu festival commemorates the birth of Krishna?


WhatHindu classification system is used to evaluate the relative spiritual purityof all foods?


Whichof the following describes the Hindu concept of pollution as applied to food?


Whatis the most commonly omitted meal when Asian Indians are acculturated?


Indo-Americansconsider which form of medicine to be the most potent?


Avery soft shake of the right hand, then touching the heart, is called what inPakistan?


Ghee is butter that has been clarified.


Theancient diet of India was meatless.

True i think chapter 14

InAmerica Asian Indians use ghee asfrequently in cooking as they do in India. &

true i think chapter 14

Howmany African Americans are living in the United Sates according to the 2008census?

39 million

Whatwas the population of Africa estimated to be in 2010?

1 billion

InAfrica, traditional views of the causes of illness include

evil eye

Whatsort of natural prescription would an African healer use as a cure for the evileye?

herbs and other natural prescriptions

Abag worn around the neck with powders, animal bones or teeth, stones, and/orherbs is called what in Africa?

Casting spells

InWest African food, some say texture is more important than taste. What is thepreferred texture?

thick, sticky

Apeanut candy found in West Africa is called what?


Thecuisines of East Africa are influenced in part by which type of fare?

arab, asian, indan, british

Whatare meat strips dried and preserved over smoke in South Africa called?


Duringthe enslavement period, what were two foods that originated in Africa that wereeaten by American black slaves in the South?

Pork and fish

Whichof the following became common ingredients in the traditional black southerndiet?

vegetables, corn, squash, peas

Thecelebration of Kwanzaa originated in


Teamade from what shrub is thought to cure stomachache among black people?


Inreference to the practice of pica, which type of substance is usually ingestedin urban areas?

nontritive, clay, chalk, laundry starch

Theincidence of low-birthweight infants is 13.55% among African Americans. Whatis/are thought to be a likely cause(s)?

dietary factors, low mean daily folate

Whatsignificant health problem for African Americans affects 39% and 43% of malesand females, respectively, and is thought to contribute to their high incidenceof strokes?


AmongSudanese immigrants in the U.S., blindness is due to what?p>


Nearly39 million people, or 12% of the population of the U.S., are African American.


Theimportance of the extended family has been maintained among African Americanssince tribal times.


InAfrica, illness would never be viewed as being a punishment from God.


Localfood availability and surplus determined the diet of slaves in America.


One-dishmeals, like stews, were popular with the black slaves because they were easy tocarry to the fields.


Evenwith an increase in socioeconomic status, chitterlings remain a popular foodeaten by many urban blacks.

False I think