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True or False: Use the Consult Orders section to link this visit to

the specialty referral order.

Dr. Jade is documenting in a flowsheet section in Rooming. How

does she file that data?

Close the section (i.e. navigate to somewhere else).

True or False: When a provider creates a letter in the

Communications activity, the default behavior in Epic is for the

letter to automatically route to support staff to finalize.


What type of SmartTool is a letter template?


What tool should Dr. Jade use to copy some information from a

previous encounter’s report in Chart Review into a letter she is



When documenting in a flowsheet, what is one way to identify that

cascading was set up in that flowsheet?

One possible answer: When you answer one row, more rows


True or False: Both SmartSets and Order Sets can be used for

consult encounters.


True or False: In the Order Sets section, both SmartSets and Order Sets are available.


Useful for surgery–based specialties, administrators can set

up__________ to categorize orders into groups (pre–op, for

example) and help facilitate the sign and release workflow.

Phases of care

Can the H & P Notes section be set up to offer NoteWriter?
Which of the following can you do in an Order Set? (Select all that


A) Create a surgical case.

B) Choose an LOS.

C) Write a progress note.

D) Place orders.

A and D

True or False: A pregnancy episode should be created at the

beginning of each prenatal encounter.


You’re working in the dual–pane navigator during a routine prenatal visit. In the left pane, you don’t see the Results Console section

(based on where your scroll bar is). What should you click to view

the results console without opening that section?

"In the table of contents for the left pane, click the arrow next to

Results Console"

Define the term “working EDD.” Why is it significant?
"The working EDD is considered the “official” EDD in the patient’s

chart. A patient might have many different dating methods

documented, but only one can be selected as the working EDD at any time"

Which of the following best describes the Pregnancy Checklist?

A) Order management tool for tracking how often the patient takes certain medications

B) Diagnosing tool to cross–reference the patient’s symptoms

against pregnancy–related ICD–9 codes

C) Tool to keep track of topics discussed during each prenatal visit

C – Tool to keep track of topics discussed during each prenatal visit

In the Results Console, what does it mean if you see a result value that is highlighted blue?

The result was entered manually by someone in the navigator. It

did not come from Epic’s lab system or a lab interfaced with Epic.

True or False: Episode reports are available in Chart Review.


You are doing site support in OB. A nurse says, “Last week I wrote a reminder on a patient’s OB Sticky to follow up with her about a

breastfeeding question, and now my sticky is gone!” What is a

possible explanation?

There is no audit trail for the OB Sticky, so there is no way to know what other user deleted it because there is no audit trail.

The Documents tab in the Care Everywhere activity is like:

A) Labs tab in Chart Review

B) SnapShot tab in Chart Review

C) Encounters tab in Chart Review

D) Notes activity

C) Encounters tab in Chart Review

In the outside lab report, why would the data NOT match what you see in Results Review?

It wouldn’t match because the data in this lab report is not part of

the patient’s ‘inside” chart. It is from an outside organization

Use the ____________activity to copy medications from a patient’s

outside chart into the local (your organization’s) chart for this


Reconcile Outside Information

Nurse Memphis gets an In Basket message requesting that she call back Greg. What is one reason to open a telephone encounter via

the In Basket toolbar instead of the Hyperspace toolbar?

One reason is that you don’t have to do a patient lookup.

True or False: Telephone encounters with a reason for call of

Medication Refill are routed to the Rx Response folder of the


False (Rx Request)
A patient called this morning regarding a fever, then called again an hour later to say it was getting worse. Should I create a new

telephone encounter? Why?

No, because you should include all calls pertaining to one issue in a single telephone encounter.

The receptionist sends a Patient Call Back message to a nurse.

How can the nurse incorporate that message into the telephone

encounter she creates?

"When the nurse opens a telephone encounter from the In Basket

toolbar, she should click Yes at the prompt to copy the message

into the documentation"

True or False: You get Rx Response messages only when the

physician refuses to sign for a prescription.

To route an Rx Request message to the Physician, you must exit

the _________


Nurse Denver creates a telephone encounter for Kristi but needs to set it aside until later. What is the fastest way for her to find that

encounter later?

My Open Encounters folder in In Basket

The patient’s home phone number doesn’t match the number on

the button in the Contacts section of a telephone encounter. If I

manually enter the phone number in the Contacts section, do I also need to manually update it in the Demographics activity? Explain.

No, because when you accept the contact, the system will ask if

you want to save that number, and what it should be saved to

(home, work, etc.)

If you’re working in a SmartTool–enabled text box, what is one way to look up a list of SmartPhrases?

One possible answer: Click the List My Phrases button.

How do you open the SmartPhrase Editor on the fly?

Click the Create SmartPhrase (green plus icon) button on the

SmartTool–enabled toolbar.

Dr. Coal attempts to create a user SmartPhrase called

NONCOMPLYRX. He gets a warning upon accepting that says

there is a system SmartPhrase by that name. What will happen

if he proceeds with naming his SmartPhrase NONCOMPLYRX?

He won’t see the system SmartPhrase anymore when working in a SmartTool–enabled text box because his user phrase will take


There are two nurses assigned to a user SmartPhrase record:

Terry Denver and Terry Memphis. Terry Denver is the owner. Who can edit this SmartPhrase record? Who can add nurse Belleville as

another user? Why?

Nurse Denver can edit it. Nurse Denver can add nurse Belleville as a user. Because the creator of the record is automatically an owner, Nurse Denver is an owner. Owners can do these two tasks.

True or False: When you create a SmartBlock macro for physical

exam, you must use it for all physical exam documentation.


True or False: If you add a medication to your preference list, and

that same medication is on your system preference list, you will

have both choices available going forward.


Name two sections in which you can set up speed buttons.

Two possible answers: Visit Info section and LOS section

What element of your report toolbar buttons can you NOT control?

You can’t control the presence and name of the default report


In the Meds & Orders section, I clicked Options and now I see tons of check boxes. How do I make those go away?

Click Options again.

In the Meds & Orders section, I just selected check boxes for

certain columns, but I don’t see a change in my display. Why not?

You need to click Accept for the new column setup to take effect.

While working in Richard’s chart, Dr. Mica created a Chart Review Quick Filter called “Cardiology Visits.” When Dr. Iron goes to Chart Review for the same patient, why doesn’t that Quick Filter appear?

"This is user–specific, not patient–specific setup."

What is the purpose of QuickActions?

They allow you to quickly perform common tasks from In Basket

Dr. Mica is attempting to run a report and has been waiting for four minutes. Explain one reason why that might be happening.

The look back period might be very long, so it has to evaluate a lot of patients.

True or False: After you run a report, you can’t run it again until one week from today.


When viewing report results, what is one action you can take for a

group of selected patients?

One possible answer: Send them a MyChart message

Dr. Graphite ran a report of “my diabetic patients” and the report

results list 100 patients. Dr. Graphite wants to send a letter only to

those who don’t use MyChart. What can Dr. Graphite do to narrow

this population based who uses/does not use MyChart?

Apply filtering

An administrator locates a report that is similar to the one that he

has been asked to create. He opens that report, does some editing, and clicks Save. What is the impact of doing that?

The administrator did not create a new report. He just edited the

existing report!

If you type “.name” in the Comments field of the reason for visit,

why doesn’t the patient’s name appear?

SmartLinks only work in SmartTool–enabled fields, and that

Comments field isn’t SmartTool–enabled.

True or False: If I use a SmartLink for allergies in my progress note, it will automatically refresh if anyone updates my patient’s allergies during this visit.


Describe one way an administrator can see which SmartTexts use a particular SmartList.

One possible answer: In that SmartList record, look on the Used By tab.

When testing a patient instruction SmartText, it isn’t in the lookup

list for patient instructions. Give one possible reason for this.

One possible reason: Wrong functional type

Name one SmartTool often used within a SmartText.
One possible answer: SmartLists
In the following list of symptoms, explain how mutually exclusive

groups could be applied: oriented, disoriented, well–hydrated, ***.

‘oriented’ and ‘disoriented’ should be assigned to different groups

so they can’t be selected together. However, an oriented or

disoriented person could also be well–hydrated or *** (wildcard), so ‘well–hydrated’ and the wildcard should not be assigned any group.

Can SmartPhrases contain SmartLists?


Which SmartTool can you summon using the dot: SmartList, SmartText, or SmartLink?


You name a SmartList record “desc; appearance.” Will end users

see any words in the braces (display text)? Explain.

Yes, if the administrator does not enter a display text, then the

record name is copied as the display text

I can’t remember the name of a SmartPhrase I want to use. How

would I look it up while in the Patient Instructions section?

One possible answer: Click the List My Phrases button

Dr. Lenite is working in a SmartSet and has selected a progress

note. How does she open it?

Click the “edit” hyperlink.

In a SmartSet, Dr. Quartz sees a subsection called URI Antibiotics, but there are no items listed. How can he see those items?
Click the arrow next to that subsection.
A SmartSet for hypertension contains a progress note. What SmartTool was used to create the progress note?


From an end–user standpoint, each SmartSet section contains at

least one subsection. From an administrative standpoint, those

subsections are actually


Administrator Smith must build a radiology visit SmartSet that

includes chest x–ray and arm x–ray orders. She also must build a

pneumonia SmartSet that includes chest x–ray orders. Why is it a

better strategy for administrator Smith to NOT put all those x–ray

orders into one SmartGroup?

If she put them into one SmartGroup, it only would be useful as a

building block in the radiology SmartSet. If she put each kind of

x–ray orders into separate SmartGroups, she could reuse the chest

x–ray SmartGroup in the pneumonia SmartSet.

True or False: In a BPA criteria record, you can only enter one type of criteria, like chief complaints or medications.


In which type of BPA record do I set up a suggestion based on the department specialty, so my SmartSet is suggested only for


SmartSet Base record
A SmartSet is suggested when Dr. Mica enters a reason for visit of Pelvis Injury for Rita. However, when Dr. Mica enters that same

reason for visit for Greg, that SmartSet is not suggested. Explain

how that was set up.

The SmartSet is linked to a criteria record for chief complaint and a SmartSet Base that restricts the SmartSet to females

What are date shortcuts for 2 days ago and 1 week from now?

t–2 and w+1

How is working in an office visit encounter different than viewing a

patient’s chart?

An office visit encounter offers activities such as Rooming and Plan (or a Visit Navigator) so you can document visit–specific

information. A patient chart workspace allows you to view

information in the patient’s chart, but not to document

visit–specific information

True or False: To most efficiently completion match, enter the first

few letters of the word you want to look up and then click the

Selection button.

False (you should press ENTER).

In the exam room, the nurse opens Lisa’s encounter. When done

rooming the patient, what should the nurse do (assuming Dr. Lenite

will be entering the exam room soon)? Why?

"She should leave open Lisa’s workspace and secure the

workstation so that when the provider logs in, the workstation

automatically has Lisa’s workspace open."

Can you document more than one reason for visit during a visit?


Nurse Memphis looks up a chief complaint by typing “twisted

ankle.” She selects that row and “ankle sprain” appears in the

Reason for Visit field. Which one was the synonym:

twisted ankle or ankle sprain?

Twisted ankle
True or False: You should mark a medication as Not Taking if the

patient is possibly allergic to it.


What is the difference between an allergy being “Not on file” versus “No known allergies”?

Not on file means we’ve never inquired. No known allergies means the patient was asked but has no allergies.

What keyboard technique should you use to move from field to field in the Vital Signs section?
TAB to go to the next field
True or False: In the Medications section, you do not have to enter

the name of a provider when documenting a patient–reported



For a results message to be sent, what status must nurse Denver mark a result in Enter/Edit Results?


Kristi informs nurse Denver that she received a seasonal flu shot at work last month. Explain how nurse Denver documents that fact.

In the Immunizations activity, open Single Historical Immunization

and document the details.

True or False: To enter dates for a series of historical

immunizations, you should use a template.


Dr. Quartz ordered a DTaP immunization. Nurse Memphis needs to document the details after giving the shot. In the Immunizations

activity, what does the nurse click to open the details form?

Click Administer.

True or False: Schedule folders listed under My Schedule are

created by administrators.

Dr. Quartz entered into the Progress Notes section some detailed

advice about how the patient can take care of his lower back pain.

Where should Dr. Quartz have documented this? Explain why.

Dr. Quartz should have used the Patient Instructions section so it

could be printed on an After Visit Summary for the patient to take


True or False: To enter an LOS code for the visit, you must use an LOS button.


Nurse Madison created a personalized schedule folder and decides that she wants to remove a column from the display. What button

should he click: Create, Properties, or Remove?


What detail about a medication makes it “current”?

Its end date is still in the future.

Explain the difference between an expired medication and a

discontinued medication.

An expired medication is one that has passed its end date, whereas a discontinued medication is one that a clinician has chosen to end by entering a new end date of today.

In Meds & Orders, Dr. Quartz is in the Order Composer for a blood test. He wants to change it so that the order will be released to its

destination two weeks from now. What should he do?

Set the Status to Future.
Complete these statements: Use the Dose field to enter how _____medication should be taken. Use the Frequency field to

document how _____ this medication should be taken.

much – often
Name one possible reason a medication warning will appear.
One possible reason: Patient is allergic to the medication being


True or False: If nurse Denver does not have security to sign

orders, then that means she cannot look up orders.

Every time Dr. Granite orders a certain medication, a sig that she

doesn’t want is listed. Describe what she can do so that the next

time she orders it, the sig that she wants will appear.

Add it to her user preference list: Click the star next to the pended medication. In the window, change details as needed and save it.
Richard needs to come in every three months for a TSH test. What status should that order be?
True or False: If the order Dr. Mica selected has an advised

(recommended) question asking if the patient is pregnant, she can sign the order without answering it.

Dr. Lenite just signed an order for a glucose test, and realized that

it was the wrong test. Describe one way she can cancel this order.

Find the test at the bottom of Meds & Orders, and click Cancel.
What visual cue tells you that a medication is expired?
It appears with a strikethrough.
Which symbol means this signed medication will be visible in the

MAR: house or bed?

Kristi’s asthma medication is expired, but it’s listed in the

Medications section, which should only show current medications. Why is it appearing there?

It is marked long–term.
Dr. Mica is working in Meds & Orders and notices that Harold’s

statin prescription is nearing its end date. To quickly order more,

what should Dr. Mica do?

Click Reorder
Dr. Lenite is working in the Medications section and when she asks Kristi about her reflux medication, Kristi says she doesn’t want to

take it anymore and she threw it away. Can Dr. Lenite discontinue

that medication in the Medications section?

Yes (red X)
True or False: To associate orders with diagnoses, use the Visit

Diagnoses section.

You saw a patient yesterday and wrote part of your progress note. You exited the workspace. Now you want to finish the note. When

you attempt to open the patient’s encounter, you’re not prompted to create an addendum. Why?

You had exited the workspace, so the encounter is still open.

You’re only prompted to create an addendum if the encounter is


How do you enter a pool as a recipient of a message?
One possible answer: p
To which kind of group would you send an informational message?
True or False: The Out Basket stores draft messages you plan to


Describe one way to find all messages about patient Maria

Sanchez that are in my In Basket.

One possible answer: Perform a search based on patient and


I’m working in my Results folder and I can’t remember what the

exclamation mark icon means. What’s one way I can find out?

Click the question mark button on the upper right of In Basket.
I am expecting a new Rx Request message. Why don’t I see a

folder with that name?

There are no Rx Request messages. A folder only appears if there are messages in it.
Nurse Denver sees a Result Note message in her In Basket. It has a green circle with a minus symbol next to it. What does that mean?
Someone else in her pool has taken responsibility
True or False: You can use a result note to send a message.
What is a reflex order?
A reflex order is an order you place from the Results folder of In

Basket in response to a result.

Dr. Graphite reads a result message and wants to document his

thoughts about it. How should he do that?

Write a result note (but don’t route it to anyone).
True or False: Within a result note, you can compose a letter to a


How do you view all the visits that Dr. Taconite had with Sally for

which the encounter diagnoses were sinus–related?

Chart Review > Encounters tab > filter on diagnoses = sinus AND

Provider = Taconite

True or False: The report in the sidebar and the SnapShot report in SnapShot are the same thing.
Richard calls to inquire about his most recent TSH lab test. What is the fastest way for the nurse to look up its result?
Chart Review > Lab tab
With Chart Search, you can: (Select one.)

A) Look up patient’s charts by name or birthdate

B) Summon information in a patient’s chart that appears in one


C) Filter on encounters on its Encounters tab

B) Summon information in a patient’s chart that appears in one spot
Explain the fastest way to create a graph of a patient’s glucose

results in Results Review.

Chart Review > Labs tab > Results Review button > With the top of the tree selected, click the row heading in the table for Glucose (to select its data) > Graph button
In SnapShot, a nurse sees five buttons at the top that are the names of reports. True or False: That means she has only those five

reports available to her in SnapShot.

Dr. Mica wants to see whether the changes in diabetic medications over the past two years have had an effect on Richard’s A1c levels. Which would best meet Dr. Mica’s need: Results Review, Synopsis, or Chart Review?
True or False: In Results Review, you can create an ad hoc table of selected results.
Which of the following is/are possible in a Synopsis patient

spotlight: (Choose all that apply.)

A) It can list medication items

B) It can list components (like glucose)

C) One spotlight can be assigned to multiple patients

D) A spotlight created for a patient is available across all Synopsis views for that patient

E) A user who creates a spotlight can share it with other users.

A, B, D
True or False: The default SnapShot report can be different based on specialty departments.
From the Notes activity, how do you open NoteWriter?
Click the arrow next to Create Note > choose a note template >

click one of the buttons that appear at the top of Notes (like HPI).

True or False: NoteWriter can be used for LOS and Follow–Up.
Dr. Mica is working on the Physical Exam tab in NoteWriter. How

can he get to a PE form where he can do more detailed


Possible answer: Click the appropriate Physical Exam sub–tab.
True or False: On a NoteWriter +/– button, after you click plus, you can change it to a minus.
If you cannot find an appropriate HPI form, what SmartTools can

you use to supplement your note’s HPI, and where do you do that?

You can use SmartPhrases and SmartTexts in the Note activity
In the NoteWriter, besides clicking on the + symbol, how can you

mark a button positive?

With your cursor over the button, left–click
In my note template, when I try to type on the orange part that says “HPI,” nothing happens. How can I edit that text?
Go to the HPI form in NoteWriter and make choices (and enter

comments) there.

True or False: Diagnoses on the problem list are not associated

with orders for billing.

True or False: All visit diagnoses for chronic issues should be

added to the patient’s problem list.

False (It is the clinician’s decision whether to add a problem.)
Arm fracture is on a patient’s problem list, and is no longer an

ongoing issue, as it is healed. What should be done with this

problem diagnosis? (Select one)

A) Copy it as an encounter diagnosis.

B) Mark it as resolved.

C) Mark it as deleted.

D) Click Change.

B) Mark it as resolved.
Where do you document the administration details for a facility–

administered medication?

MAR activity
What is one example of why you’d add a charge in Charge


Possible answer: To add charges for the administration of a


Dr. Iron needs to add to a progress note. He goes to Epic button > Patient Care > Addendum, but cannot find the desired encounter. What can you conclude based on this? (Select one.)

A) The encounter is still open.

B) The encounter is closed, but the progress note is still open.

C) Someone else has the workspace open.

A) The encounter is still open.
After an encounter is signed, the dashboard’s Status column will list ______for that appointment slot.
What is the final step when working in an addendum?
Sign the addendum.
True or False: The only data you can edit in an addendum is the

progress note.

True or False: In the Developmental History section, you cannot

add free text comments.

True or False: The Hearing/Vision Screening section shows the

most recent results documented in this section for this patient.

Joseph needs an immunization during today’s visit. Describe the

process that should be followed in the patient’s Epic chart.

Order the immunization > Immunizations activity > document its


A nurse enters details for the administration of an influenza

vaccination. The nurse clicks Accept on the details form. True or

False: That immunization can only be viewed in Chart Review from

that point forward.

True or False: The Foundation System comes with complete

procedure NoteWriter forms for all specialties.

True or False: If you select a procedure from a procedure

NoteWriter form, you must compose your procedure note using

point–and–click in that form.

Fill in the blank: When you complete your documentation in a

flowsheet in the Flowsheets activity, click _____.

What is one way to get charges into Epic?
One possible answer: Select a charge in the Charge Capture


In a procedure NoteWriter form, what two things happen when you click a button that has a procedure such as “Suture removal” on it?
That procedure is ordered and signed, and a procedure–specific

note– writing form opens

Do you document significant past diagnoses as medical or surgical history?
Medical history
In the History section, if a particular diagnosis isn’t part of the

Medical History table, can you add that diagnosis?

In the History section, how do you add a comment to a medical

history item?

Click the sheet of paper icon for that item.
In the History section, how do you add comment to a family history


Right–click in that item’s cell
Fill in the blank: Document historical vaccinations in the _______


Nurse Terry marks Asthma = Yes for medical history, and in the

details window uses the date convention “y–2” in the Date field.

When Dr. Mica looks at the history report later, it lists “y–2” as a

detail. Why?

The Date field for medical and surgical items in free text, so date

conventions won’t work there.