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Falsifying or failing to keep required records, reach required evacuation levels, and knowingly release CFC and HCFC refrigerant are all violations of the clean air act. What activity with a substitute refrigerant is also a violation?


What safety rules should a technician follow?

All of them

Who is responsible for removing refrigerant from household refrigerators prior to disposal?
The final person in the disposal chain. (Scrap metal recycler, Landfill owner, etc...)
What must be done with reclaimed refrigerant before it can be legally resold?
Level of purity ARI standard 700
What is caused by inhaling refrigerant vapor?
Heart irregularities or asphyxia
Safety glasses and butyl-lined gloves should be worn during what procedures?
Recovery or recycling, and handling or refilling refrigerant coolers
How should systems using blended refrigerant be charged?
A measured charge of liquid into the high side of the system
What is the smallest container in which refrigerant may be sold to section 608 certified technicians?
Containers 20 pounds or larger
Which refrigerant is in HFC?


What is the date of the production and importation that all CFCs phased out?

December 31, 1995

What should be done when recovering the refrigerant from a system where the refrigerant has been improperly mixed?
Recover to a separate container
In addition to preventing and repairing leaks, what else should I technician do to conserve refrigerant?
Recover and recycle used refrigerants
When evacuating, what is the benefit of using short hoses with larger diameters?
Reduce emissions, reduce pressure drop, reduce evacuation/dehydration time
What breathing problem can be caused by CFC – 12?
Asphyxiation (Oxygen Deprivation)
What can cause liquid refrigerant to migrate to a compressor crankcase?
If the compressor is the coldest location in the circuit
What is a ternary blend?
Made by combining three different refrigerants
How do we know the chlorine in the stratosphere is coming from CFCs?
Increases in both Coreen and fluorine have been detected in the stratosphere. The increase in these match the increase in emissions from CFCs
What is an Azeotropic refrigerant?
Mixture of two or more refrigerant swear the mixture behaves like a single new refrigerant
What refrigerants have a low ODP?
HFC's and HCFCs
What is the recommended lubricant to use with a ternary blend?

Alkyl Benzene Type

What is the ODP of an HFC refrigerant?


What releases of a CFC and HCFC are violations of the clean air act?
All releases
How can I speed removed from the sight glass?

Alcohol spray

Why must only refillable cylinders be used for transport?
They are DOT regulated and approved
The refrigerant in the suction line is a gas that has been heated above it saturation. What is the condition called?
How can a system be leak checked using it low pressure gauge?
After the system has been pulled down, if the pressure comes back up
Is the refrigerant leaving a condenser at a high or low pressure? What is it's state?

High pressure, Liquid

What safety component must be used whenever dry nitrogen is used to pressurize a system?
a pressure regulator
What can happen to the oil in the compressor if moisture is left in an operating system?
It conform hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acid
What is the major cause of death involving refrigerant?
Oxygen deprivation
What does HFC stand for?
Where will we get replacements?
Recovery and recycling operations
What is Montreal protocol?
First treaty calling for reduction of the available production of CFCs

what is the likely result of heating a recovery cylinder with an open flame?

The refrigerant in the tank decomposing into a toxic material
Which chemical in CFC refrigerants does the most damage to the ozone?
Is CFC – 12 a low or high pressure refrigerant?


What does CFC stand for?
What is the role of the ozone layer in protecting the earth?
Filtering out and blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun and it helps keep the earths temperature stable
Which refrigerants are HCFCs?

R-22, R-123

Should you ever use a disposable cylinder for refrigerant recovery?


What is the purpose of a DOT classification tag?
Must meet the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations title 49 (Type of refrigerant/weight)
Do state and local laws have priority over federal law? Can they be less strict?

No, No

How close should vacuum gauge be connected to the vacuum pump during evacuation?
As far away as possible
Which are CFCs?

R-11, 12, 113, 114

What must be done with the badly corroded relieve valve?


What can happen if a cylinder is overfilled?
It could cause a tank to rupture with extreme violence
What is the preferred instrument for detecting small leaks?
Electronic, Ultra Sonic
What is it about CFCs that make them more harmful in the stratosphere?
Higher ODP
What must be affixed to a refrigerant cylinder prior to its shipment to a reclaimer?
Clearly labeled with a DOT classification tag
What color are the gauges on a manifold gauge set?

Blue (Low side), Red (High Side)