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High Explosive


Heat: No fire or open flames within 50ft

Shock: No rough handling

Friction: only use approved containers

Wear gloves, wash hands

Protective gear for smoke and fumes



Wear proper protective gear (helmet, body armor, eye pro)

Have appropriate frontal and overhead cover

Limit personnel at site


Stay clear from front of munitions down range hazard

Approach 45 from the rear

Assume PE

Dispose of small quantities in a single layer in a pit in such a manner that precludes the explosive jet from forming



Do not stress nose

Observe EMR and static

Move item remotely

Electromagnetic Radiation


Turn down or turn off all transmitters in the vicinity of the UXO. Do not introduce any new signals

Insulate and shield


Properly ground bare skin to earth

Wear non-conducting equipment



Approach 45 from the rear

Stay clear of any ejection hazard

45 from the rear is considered a side approach


Do not allow and heat or spark producing material in the area

Have proper protective equipment

Have adequate fire fighting material. Take fire precautions for munitions with pyrophoric liners, incendiary mixtures and illuminant compositions

White Phosphorus


Do not crush or break crusted phosphorous residue, it may ignite if subject to friction, or if the crust is broken

Submerge item or residue in wet sand

Wear proper protective equipment (full face shield and asbestos or leather gloves)

Decontaminate confined spaces in which red phosphorous devices have been burned

Cocked Striker


Do not drop, jar, or strike ordnance unless directed to by 60 series

Perform procedure remotely

Booby Trap


Check all items for tampering and modification

Enter and exit on same cleared path

May be incorporated into most types of ordnance

Wait Time


Allow capacitors to bleed down in electrical fuzes, or functioning of slow burning pyrotechnic fuzes

30 min WT for pyrotechnic delay fuzes

1 hr WT for unknown electrical fuzes

3 hr WT for unknown guided missiles

Variable Time


Do not permit vehicles or personnel to pass in front of munitions, approach 45 from the rear

Do not approach any ordnance with VT fusing until after prescribed WT

Observe EMR and static

Turn off radio frequency energy in the area



Do not approach ordnance with any tools or metallic objects

Allow no movement of ferrous material in the vicinity of the UXO

Do not disturb or move ordnance

Do not turn off any power lines, motors, or generators



Do not attempt to reset or reinsert any safing device

Establish remote listening post



Do not move unless absolutely necessary

Conduct initial movement remotely

Do not depress plungers, turn canes, rotate spindles, or move levers, setting rings, or any external fitting on the ordnance or fuze


Do not talk or create noise within 75 feet

Take full acoustic precautions within 30 ft by restricting necessary noise or vibration to a period of 1 second duration followed by a minimum period of 3 seconds of silence

Tape or insulate tools. Do not let equipment rattle


Have proper protective equipment readily available

Have appropriate first aid equipment available for toxic chemical agents

Approach from an upwind direction

Observe chemical precautions as given in the 60 series manual on C/B agents