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Property of carbon dioxide that allows light to enter but not leave the atmosphere
Greenhouse effect
The main activity of the U. N. initiated Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) is
To provide regular intervals of assessments of climate change
Scrubbers, precipitators, and filters
reduce particulate pollution
One of the ways in which Mexico City has improved air quality was to
To eliminate lead from gasoline, require catalytic converters on all automobiles, and to improve public transportation
Since the prevailing wind patterns in the U. S. are from east to west, the best place to avoid air pollution is on the extreme east coast. True or False
Motor vehicle emissions are not a major source of air pollution True or False
Radon gas may cause lung cancer if exposure is prolonged at high concentrations True or False
What is the function of a catalytic Converter
It reduces lead and other metals
Acid rain is caused by the emission of chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere

True or False
Ozone, when found close to the surface of the earth, is a pollutant
Who ultimately pays for the changes mandated by the 1990 Clean Air Act?
Why is carbon monoxide dangerous?
It binds with hemoglobin, reduces the blood's oxygen carry - capacity
The most common source of carbon monoxide is from
Unwanted noise is considered to be a type of pollution

True or False
There are 6 major sources of EPA Criteria Pollutants

True or False
Atmosphere ozone shields the earth from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light radiation

True or False
Which of the following is NOT a conclusion reached by the IPCC regarding global warming
Fossil fuel combustion is directly responsible for the earth's temperature increase

There is direct correlation between temperature increase and the amount of greenhouse gases
The amount of lead released into the atmosphere
has declined since the introduction of lead free gasoline
Carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere as a waste product of fossil fuel combustion

True or False
Air can generally not accept and disperse significant amounts of pollutants

True or False
The major causes of water pollution in Louisiana are nutrients, sediment, and microorganisms. Which stakeholder group will be most affected by needed changes to make rivers fishable and swimmable
The use of catalytic converters can reduce acid rain production

True or False
The decline in arctic sea ice may be contributed to
Warmer Water

Both climate change and naturally occurring climate variability could be true
Chief source of chlorofluorocarbon in the environment is
refrigerant gases in refrigerators, air conditioners, as cleaning solvents, propellants in aerosol containers, as expanders in foams products
All of these are correct
Scientists have agreed that human activity is causing the climate to get warmer

True or False
Sulfur dioxide levels in the U. S. have___________ since 1970
Decreased by 30%
The stratosphere is a wind current that blow from west to east

True or False
Chapter 15
Water diversion is part of the water - use planning process
True or False
A permeable layer in an artesian aquifer
Which of the following removes larger particles from sewage by screening or settling
Primary sewage treatment
Protected forested watersheds help to maintain a steady flow of drinking water to many areas
The amount of oxygen required to decompose organic matter is called

(Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
The amount of runoff and evaporation is directly related to land use
True or False
Which nutrients stimulates alga and aquatic plant growth?
Nitrates and phosphates
Agricultural runoff and mine drainage are examples of point sources of pollution

True or False
Temperature change in the water can alter the kinds and number of plants and animals

True or False
Treated wastewater that meets federal and state standards drinking water standards is diverted for municipal drinking water for human consumption

True or False
What may be the effect of toxic chemicals on humans
All of them are correct
Land use has an impact in how water infiltrates and on surface runoff

True or False
Which of the following involves the removal of phosphorous and nitrogen from sewage?
Tertiary sewage treatment
Worldwide, the top use of water is for
Water moves through a cycle referred to as the "water Yield Cycle"

True or False
Aquifer that is bound on the top and bottom by confining layers
Confined Aquifer
Plants in natural wetlands are able to remove_________ if sufficient river miles are undisturbed
An influx of organic compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus into aquatic environments can cause an increase in aquatic plant and algae growth

True or False
In which of the following college campuses is a sustainability initiative to reduce water consumption not currently underway
University of California at Berkeley
Marine oil pollution is a type of water pollution

True or False
In the U. S., two agencies set the drinking water standards..... one of which is the
Food and Drug Administration
The Environmental Protection Agency helps regulate
water uses in the United Kingdom

True or False
There is little difference between point and non-point source pollution

True or False
Water that infiltrates the soil and is stored underground is called runoff

True or False
Worldwide there is a relationship between the price of water and the amount consumed as the price
Increases and water use decreases
Removal of water from an aquifer faster than it is replaced
Groundwater mining
What is biochemical Oxygen Demand
amount of oxygen required to decay a certain amount of organic matter
In the U. S. and Europe, the top use of water is for
Those species that could become extinct if a critical factor in their environment were changed
Threatened Species
Erosion of unvegetated land adjacent to lakes and rivers cause siltation

True or False
Cutting small, as opposed to large, areas of a forest can prevent erosion of the soil by wind and water

True or False
Over the past few hundred years, humans have increased the species extinction rate by as much as
1000 Times
Process of changing the natural community to encourage the increase in populations of certain desirable species
Habitat management
High genetic diversity means that almost all of the individuals of a population have the same characteristics

True or False
Those species that are present in such small numbers that they are in jeopardy of becoming extinct
Endangered Species
An Individual can help to control the spread of invasive species by
All of these are correct
Many migratory Waterfowl
Mate in Canada and winter in Mexico
Extinction of a species in one area of its range is called
Local Extinction
If trees are removed from a streamside, the water is likely to become warmer

True or False
Biodiversity hotspot is
An area where the most endangered habitat are found
Environmental impacts from freshwater aquaculture include
Nutrient overload and escape of exotic species
What invasive species is an external parasite of lake trout and decimated populations for more than 20 years
The introduction of exotic species into a freshwater ecosystem generally increases the population of the native species

True or False
Sport hunting seasons are regulated to the fall so that
Surplus animals are taken before the challenges of winter
Species are more likely to become extinct if they
Have both low population density and reproductive rate
As the human population increases extinction rates also increase

True or False
Extinction of a species in one area of its range is called
Local Extinction
Salmon introduction in the Great Lakes has brought in millions of dollars from sport fishing, yet environmentally it has
Decreases native fish populations and disrupted spawning
_________________ is an organization that certifies whether or not products are dolphin - safe.
The Earth Island Institute
Forest harvesting method in which patches of trees are clear - cut among patches of timber that are uncut
Patchwork clear - cutting
Elimination of all of the individuals of a species
In the past few hundred years, global trade and tourism have in many ways rendered natural barriers ineffective, allowing non - native species to travel distances
True or False
Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively in the last 50 years than in any other period

True or False
World fish harvests have remained constant since 1989 which indicates
Fisheries have been exploited to their capacity
What is the greatest cause of extinction
Habitat Alteration
The Endangered Species Act of 1973
Gave the federal government jurisdiction over any species that were designated as endangered
Natural evaporation processes are mainly driven by
Solar Energy
The place where aquifers are most likely to be contaminated is at
Recharge Zone
In general water in poor countries is dominated by
Agricultural Use
Which of the following is a natural ecosystem services provided by rivers
Deliver nutrients to the sea, Deposit silt that maintains deltas, Purify water, Provide habitat for wildlife,

All of these
Which of the following decrease photosynthesis in bodies of water
Sediment and suspended matter
Atmospheric deposition of contaminants is an excellent example of
Nonpoint Pollution
High oxygen content in water is an indication that
Water is clean enough to support game fish
Primary sewage treatment involves
removing solids from water
The addition of sewage and other material into a water supply
Increases oxygen consumption by decomposers, Increases biological oxygen demand, Causes an oxygen sag downstream,

All of the above
The atmospheric zone where most weather events occur is the
The "OZONE HOLE" that causes concern among scientists and the public is an ozone depletion in the
Climate is a description of _________________ weather conditions
Long - terms, regional
The greenhouse effect in the atmosphere occurs because
CO2, Water vapor, Methanol, and other gases absorb infrared radiation
All of the following are greenhouse gases except

Carbon dioxide, Water vapor, Methane, Nitrogen gas, CFC
Nitrogen gas
____________________ is / are examples of secondary pollutants
Photochemical oxidants
The most dangerous air - borne particulates are those
Small enough to be drawn into the lungs
The most common human health response to air pollution is
Inflammatory responses in sensitive tissues
One Cl - can destroy______________ ozone molecules in the atmosphere
When streams and lakes are alkaline, with calcium - rich bedrock they are especially sensitive to acid

True or False
Approximately how many species have been identified on Earth
About 1.5 million
Extinction is the term used when all members of a species
Habitat fragmentation usually leads to a
Decrease in biodiversity
In the scenario above, which community has the highest species richness

Community A has 21 species. Of the 110 individuals there 50 individuals of one species and 3 each of the other 20 species Community B has 11 species. Of the 110 individuals there are 90 individuals of one species and 2 each of the other 10 Community C 11 species. Of the 110 individuals there are 10 individuals of each species
Community A has the highest species richness
A threatened species may be extinct or near extinction
In the near future
The pharmaceutical industry has an interest in preventing species extinction because
Undiscovered species may provide lucrative new drugs