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Birdsong- realities of war, p/m/s consequences

Immune from death


The AP- religion

Oh God. Do you smile to see your handiwork?

Use of dramatic irony for humour/ realities of war

The Great War, 1914-1917

Criticism of military authority/realities of war/ mans inhumanity to man

General Melchett invites you to a mass slaughter

Realities of war all quiet

They left as boys never to return as men

Patriotism in Journey End

There's something rather romantic about it all

The AP- patriotism, politics, propaganda

I could never love a man who stayed at home

Criticism of military authority BGF

I'm just going to sit this one out

Regeneration realities

The Great Adventure the real life equivalent of all the adventure stories they'd devoured as boys- consisted of waiting to be killed

Politics, regeneration

I am making this statement as an act of wilful defiance of military authority as I believe the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it.

Horrors of war from female perspective

I wish that those who write so glibly about this being a holy War could see mustard gas in it's early stages

Birdsong, realities

He could die alone, unmourned


Some crime against nature is about to be committed

Birdsong, home front

No one in England knows what it is like. If they could see this they would not believe their eyes. This is not war, this is an exploration of how far men can be degraded

Using sarcasm to highlight realities of war

What dig a hole in the garden, fill it with water and get your gamekeeper to shoot at us all day?

All quiet

I am young, I am twenty years of age but I know nothing of life except despair, death, fear

Testament of youth position of women

Not being a man and able to go to the front, I wanted to do the next best thing. I do not agree that my place is at home doing nothing

To my brother

Your battle wounds are scars upon my heart

Birdsong religion reference

His back was supported by a wooden cross