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1st Thing you do when you arrive on the scene?
BSI...body substance isolation,
Ex- Gloves
Scene Size up (5)
1.Detrime the scence is safe
2.Detrimine the mechanism of injury/ nature of illness
3.Detrimine number of patients
4.Request additional help if necessary
5.Considers stablization of spine
Inital Assessment
1.Verbalizes genral impression of the patient
2.Determines responsiveness/ level of consciousness
3. Determines cheif complaint/ apparent life treats
ABC's Stands for?
Airway, breathing, and circulation
assess airway and breathing?
1. Assessment
2. Indicates oxygen therapy
3. Assures adequate ventilation
When did people start transporting the wounded to safer areas?
1790's (the french)
Who is Clara Barton?
She established the American Red Cross
When was the modern EMS sytem established?
What is triage?
is a process of prioritizing patients based on the severity of their condition.
What is the 911 system?
A sytem for telephone access to report emergencies.
What are the four levels of EMT training.
-First Responder
-Emergency Medical Technician-Basic
What is (QI)
Quality Improvement- a process of countinuous self review with the purpose of identifying and correcting aspects of the system that require improvement.
What is a Medical Director?
A physician who assumes ultimate responsibility of the patient-care aspects of the EMS system.
What is medical direction?
Oversight of the patient-care aspects of an EMS system by the Medical Director.
What is off-line medical direction?
consits of standing orders issued by the medical director that allows EMT's to give certian medication or prefrom certian procedures without speacking the medical Director or another physician.
What is on-line medical direction?
Consists of orders from the onduty physician givin directly to an EMT in the field by radio or telephone
What is a protocols?
list of steps,such as assessments and interventions, to be taken in different situations. Protocols are developed by the medical director or an EMS system.
What is a Designated agent?
an Emt or other person authorized by a medical director to give medications and provid emergency care. The transfer of such authorization toa designated agent is an extension of the medical director's license to practice medicine.
What is a standing order?
a policy or protocol isued by a medical director that authorizes EMT's and others to preform a particualr skill in certian situations.
What are the componentsof the emergency medical Service system?
-911 and emergency medical dispatchers
-First Responder
-EMT's (all levels) and ambulances
-Emergency department, and other hospital units
What are the roles and responsibilities of an EMT?
-Safety of the crew, patient, and bystanders
-patient assessment
-patient care
-lifting and moving
-transfer of care
-patient advocasy
What is a pathogen?
organisms that cause inection, such as viruses and bacteria
What is a standard precautions?
a strict from infection control that is based on the assumption that all blood and other body fluids are infectious.
What is PPE?
Personal protective equipment- equipment that protects the EMS worker fro infectious and/or exposure to the dangers or rescue operations.
What is contamination?
the interdution of dangerous chemicals, disease , or infectous material.
What is a multiple-casualty incident?
An emergency involing multiple patients.
What is critial incident stress manegment (CISM)?
a comprehensive sytem that includes education and resorces to both prevent stress and to deal with stress appropriatly when it occurs.
What is a hazardous material incident?
the release of a harmful substance into the enviroment.
What is decontamination?
the removal or cleansing of dangerous chemicals and other dangerous or infectious materials.
What is "scope of practice"?
a set of regulations and athical considerations that define the scope , or extent and limits, of the EMT's job?.