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Which of the following is now recognized as a public health priority in the United States?
Violence risk reduction
Students who survive violence in their home and school
Are likely to exhibit attendance problems, frequent suspensions from school, failing grades in at least half their subjects, performance that is two or more grade levels below age level, and poor performance in standardized tests.
Which of the following characteristics best describes a student who survives abuse from a primary caregiver?
A. cautiousness and withdrawal
B. feelings of powerlessness
C. inability to set goals

D. all of the choices are correct
When children experience aggressive acts such as yelling and throwing things on a regular basis, they .
believe the behavior is acceptable
What percentage of violent crime is associated with drugs and alcohol?
25 percent
A factor that contributes to childhood violence is
Being male
Violence prevention policies and security strategies need to be as diverse as
School communities in which they have been implemented
Which of the following strategies shows the best potential for reducing the risk of violence?
School Safety: Promising Initiatives for Addressing School Violence

CDC’s School Health Guidelines to Prevent Unintentional Injuries and Violence
A study on school shootings indicated that
shooters usually told other people about their intentions
Since the 1970s, the number of child abuse cases has
Which are the most common forms of abuse?
Neglect and physical abuse
It is important for teachers and adult caregivers of children who have been abused to understand that
- Abuse is never the fault of the child.
- Most children will not talk about the abuse in their families

They must not be misled by the silence of a child about such matters
A parent or caregiver who fails to provide for the basic needs of a child is committing
The principal responder to child abuse referrals by teachers is
Child protective services
An aggressive behavior that is carried out over and over the definition of
Teachers must report possible abuse of a child
When they suspect abuse
The single most preventable cause of death in the United Stated today
Tobacco is responsible for
One in five deaths
A policy that prohibits tobacco use by students, faculty, staff and visitors in school buildings, school grounds, school buses, and at off-campus school-sponsored events is called a
"tobacco-free policy."
What are the three principal ways of using tobacco?
Chewing, smoking, snuff
Which of the following are possible side effects of smokeless tobacco?
gum problems and oral cancer
Because teens often use tobacco before they use other types of drugs, it is referred to as a
Gateway drug
The addictive substance in tobacco is the
The most harmful substance in tobacco smoke is the
Carbon Monoxide
When carbon monoxide is inhaled, it bonds with which of the following to decrease the oxygen supply in the blood?
For both men and women, the leading cancer killer related to smoking is
Lung Cancer
Smokers are how much more likely to develop coronary heart disease than nonsmokers?
2-4 times
Which of the following choices best describes the need for alcohol and drug prevention programs in today's schools?
Healthy People 2010 Alcohol and other Drug Prevention Objectives
Hyperactivity, nervousness, inattentiveness, and impulsivity are early characteristics of
Antisocial behavior
Which of the following is one of the strongest predictors of adolescent drug use?
Friends who use drugs
What is the earliest level that a quality school prevention program can be designed to intervene?
Elementary School
The "gateway" drugs are
tobacco and alcohol
Drug abuse is defined as
Any use of a legal or illegal drug in a way that is detrimental to a person's health.
Which is likely to be the first illicit drug that a young person will use?
Which of the following is a risk factor for early sexual behaviors?
Working in a paid job over 20 hours a week
The majority of parents
Are in opposition to sexuality education in the schools
Children are learning about themselves as sexual people through unintentional and informal messages of parents and caregivers from the time
They are born
People begin to form ideas about their bodies, their gender identity, and their feelings about sexuality at
A young age
Research shows that sexuality education programs can
Hasten the onset of intercourse
. In many schools, information about puberty and the menstrual cycle is initially presented during
Fifth or sixth grade
School-based sexuality education programs should
be a planned, intentional, and specific program of instruction that is developmentally appropriate
A nuclear family consists of children living with
Both the natural parents
How long does it take for girls to complete puberty?
Three to four years
The baby grows in the
Before birth, a baby gets food and air through the
Umbilical cord
The umbilical cord is connected to the mother's
Uterus and the baby's navel
In males, secondary sex characteristics appear due to the release of
In females, secondary sex characteristics appear due to the release of
After an egg is released from the ovary, it travels through the
fallopian tubes
Each year approximately how many teenagers in the United States become pregnant?
1 million