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A blood test given to pregnant women to detect fetal disabilities
alpha-fetoprotein test
A procedure for analyzing the amniotic fluid (a watery liquid in which the embryo is suspended) to discover genetic defects in the unborn child.
A screening test administered to an infant at one minute and five minutes after birth.
Apgar test
An infant who has a greater chance of displaying developmental delays or cognitive or motor deficits due to variety of factors
at-risk infant
A test used to detect disabilities in a fetus during the first trimester
chorinic villus biopsy
Instruments used to compare an infant's physical, emotional, and intellectual skills to other same-age children's development.
developmental scales
A brief assessment of a child's developmental progress to determine if the child is at risk or delayed
developmental screening
Curriculum practices that match the level of development of he child and are presented in ways that children learn.
developmentally appropriate practices
Systemic efforts designed to prevent deficits or to improve an existing disability in children between birth and age 5.
early childhood intervention
Factors in the life of the child from conception that can interfere with normal development or cause a disability.
environmental risks
Defects in a child as a result of the mother's heavy use of alcohol during her pregnancy.
fetal alcohol syndrome
A source of information for parents about the likelihood of their having a child with genetically based disabilities
genetic counseling
A federally funded educational preschool program for children living in poverty.
Head start
the section of the act that deals with infants and toddlers.
IDEA, Part C (The Individuals with Disabilities Act, Part c)
An intervention program for young children and their families that identifies their needs and sets forth a program to meet those needs.
individual family services plan (IFSP)
A group of professionals who work with children with disabilities to help them achieve their full potential
multidisciplinary team
Monitoring of a pregnancy by the mother and her physician.
prenatal care
The use of sound waves to take a picture of a fetus in its mother's uterus.