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fall in the price of a currency through the actions of supply and demand
lowering a currencys value in relation to other currencies by government order
direct foregin investment ( DFI )
the purchase by foreigners of real estate and businesses in another countries
european union
organization of european nations whose goal is to encourage economic integration as a single parket
foreign affiliates
branches of multinational firms
import quota
restriction imposed on the number of units of a particular good that can be brought into the country
theory that deals with the relationship between the amount of money the fed places in circulation and the level of activity in the economy
combination of inflation and stagnation ( low economc activity )
underground economy
transactions by people who do not follow federal and state laws with respect to reporting earnings
what are four types of unemployment
structural, frictional, cyclical, seasonal
who is the economist that is most often linked to monetarism
milton friedman
what does the united states gain from international trade
economic respite. us dollar is still expensive in most countires
why are foreign exchange markets necessary
to facitate the international trading of goods and services
how can a nation restrict imports
place a tax on them, making products cost more
what is the difference between a revenue tariff and a protective tariff
revenue tariffs pay interest on debts and funds the government while a protective tariff imports duties on manufactured goods
what is an embargo
an official ban on trade or other commercial activity with a particular country
what does NAFTA stand for
north american free trade agreement
what kinds of financial investments are traded in global markets
bonds, stocks, currencies, commodities
why do foreigners pruchase united states government securities
as an investment of their suplus us dollars
what is an example of a cross - border investment
the european union conducts more direct foreign investment in western europe than anywhere else