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What was primarily responsible for the development of life outside of the oceans?
an increase in atmospheric oxygen
What element is the main component of most stars?
The hypothesis for the cause of the dinosaurs' extinction that has the most scientific support links their extinction to-
a large object from space hitting the Earth.
Rock layers tell a story about their bast. What is the basic assumption that is made when reading this story?
The earth's crust cooled and then remelted before rock layers began to form.
In 1912, and astronomer at Arizona's Lowell Observatory notice that the lines in the spectra of most galaxies shifted toward the red end of the spectrum. Another American astronomer,
Edwin Hubble, later interpreted this discovery as evidence that-
galaxies are moving away from each other in a sonstantly expanding universe.
What process has occurred whn atoms combine to form a new element and release energy?(combine)
EXTRUSIVE rocks have small grains because they-
cool quickly
What would most likely occur as the ice caps melt?
The sea would cover more land.
When the sea floor spreads apart, volcanoes and ridges are formed because-
as the plates pull apart, MAGMA moves tot he surface, building ridges.
Which of the following is a RENEWABLE source of energy?
natural gas
during which poortion of the earth's revolution around the sun is the Northern Hemisphere tilted toward the sun?
summer solstice
What is the best evidence that many different geologic periods are represented in virginia?
The presence of fossils of different ages.