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Which of the following most likely results in the formation of a fossil?
D. A mesozoic clam is buried by a mudslide.
Rock layers tell a story about their past. What is the basic assumption that is made when reading this story?
C. The process in the rock cycle were the same in the past as they were today.
Volcanic ash has occasionally formed molds of animals. This occurs when the ash covers the animal and what?
C. Hardens before the animal decays.
Which region of Virginia is classified as the Piedmont?
C. 3
Wetlands are more prevalent is which physiographic province of Virginia?
A. Coastal plain
Which of these describe the Appalachian mountains?
Made of folded rock layers of rocks containing fossils from shallow water.
Stilagmites and stilagtites develop what?
A. Carbonate deposits formed by dripping water in air filled cavities.
What appears to have occurred at the area labeled B?
C. Sediments were deposited in level ground that later filled and they are tilt.
Of the following, the largest division on the geologic time scale is what?
C. An era.
Sinkholes associate with natural processes are characteristics of what type of bedrock?
A. Limestone
The map shows some of the bedrock in Virginia. Which of these has the oldest exposed bedrock?
A. Hightown Valley.
Even though the Earth's inner core is hotter than the liquid outer core, it's still solid because?
D. The pressure from all Earth's layer keeps it in a solid state.
What does Pangea mean?
C. The name of an ancient supercontinent.
What the name of the heat transfer in Earth's mantle?
A. Convection currents.
The diagram shown illustrates which geological process?
A. Faulting
The Mariana's trench in the Pacific Ocean is caused by what?
Two tectonic plates colliding and one plunging below the other.
Scientists use volcanoes and earthquakes activity to what?
A. Establish plate boundaries.
The edges of moving coastal plates are often defined by what?
A.Frequent seismic activity.
Which type of rocks are fossils mostly found?
Which of the following is not considered result of movement of tectonic plates?
D. Karst topography.
Many quarries in Virginia produce crushed stone. What industry uses the most crushed stone?
B. Construction.
Which of the landforms is most likely to result when two continents collide?
A. Mountain ranges.
The formation X and Y were created by what?
C. Compression.
Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major change?
C. Presence of marine fossils in mountain rocks.
The mountains shown is composed of deformed sedimentary layers. They are located near a tectonic plate boundary and are still increasing in elevation due to what?
A. Colliding tectonic plates.
Seismic waves generated by an Earthquake at point R are received at locations W and X. Which pair at seismographs is more accurate?
Compared to the Rocky Mountain, the Appalachain Mountain are much what?
A. Older
One method of lessening the environmental impact of strip mining is to what?
require that the landscape and vegetation
of mined lands be restored
The fossil fuel found in the greatest abundance in Virgina is what?
What is the best evidence the many different geologic periods are represented in Virginia?
C. The presences of fossils of different ages.
The presence of many metamorphic rocks in Virginia is an indication the area has what?
A. Been subjected to intense heat and pressure.
Which layer in this area is the youngest?
A. Shale
Which vertebrae did not live during the time of the dinosaurs for Mesozoic Era?
C. Human