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What are the "Nation's Waterways"?
- Inland Rivers
- Ports and Harbors
- Coastal Areas
- Offshore Marine Regions
What are the Commandant's key watchwords?
All Threats, All Hazards, Always Ready
What are the four categories of the Commandant's Direction?
1. Mission Execution
2. People and Platforms
3. Mission Support
4. Organizational Character...Who We Are
How many major directorates report to the Commandant?
What are the Commandant's responsibilities?
- Prescribe broad policies for the government of the service.
- Guide legislative programs and required compliance with the statutory obligations of the service
- Serve as the principal advisor to the Secretary
- Establish and maintain effective relationships with other agencies.
- Serves on interdepartmental and international bodies.
- Keeps informed of the approved policies and programs of the Secretary.
The Commandant is a four-star admiral?
The administrative and operational command and control center for the Coast Guard is ________________?
Coast Guard Headquarter
The MCPO-CG reports directly to the Commandant on all matters pertaining to the well-being of Coast Guard personnel.
When did the Navy create the rank of Chief Petty Officer (nautical origin)?
April 1, 1893
Why did the CG create the position of Chief Petty Officer?
To resolve a clash between the USLSS "Surfman" and the Revenue Cutter Service "Petty Officer" after the merger in 1915.
What U. S. Congress approved and established the CG Chief Petty Officer grade?
55th US Congress
What date was the USCG Chief Petty Officer grade established?
May 18, 1920
Who were the first Chief Petty Officers?
Lifesaving Station Surfmen.
What title were the first USCG Chiefs given?
Chief Boatswains Mate (CBM) with an "L" attached to their rate.
When were the E-8 and E-9 paygrades established?
May 1958
What public law established the E-8 and E-9 paygrades?
Public Law 85-422
Who was the first Master Chief in the USCG?
Master Chief Yeoman Jack Kerwin
When was the first Master Chief advanced?
November 1, 1958
Who chaired the SEAT?
MCPO-CG Vince Patton
What is SEAT?
Senior Enlisted Advisory Team
What was SEAT's purpose?
To conduct a cursory review of the language and contents of Public Law 85-422.
What is SENA?
Senior Enlisted Needs Assessment
What is the single most important variable in the Coast Guard's Enlisted Career Development Program?
Senior and Master Chiefs must Set The Example for the entire fleet.
What is the most important job of the Senior and Master Chief?
Being a Coast Guardsman.
What are the three roles of an effective Chief Petty Officer?
Leader, Mentor, Technical Expert
T/F: The effective Chief Petty Officer always imparts factual, timely, and compassionate information and wisdom.
What do Commands expect from a Chief?
Support Command policy and point out flaws that are detrimental to morale or mission.
Can a jacket be worn with the zipper left open?
Where are ribbons and badges displayed on the uniform?
The left side, over the heart.
When is Full Dress worn?
year-round during Change of Command, official visits with honors, occasions of state, weddings, solemnities.
On what occasions is the Tropical Blue Long uniform worn?
Year-round at all occasions where coat and tie are not required nor expected or on official business.
When is the ODU worn?
In any situationwhere any form of dress uniform is not required nor more appropriate or while commuting, including brief stops for gas and drive-thru business. Not a liberty uniform.
What color hosiery should women wear?
To match skin color.
Are undershirts required to be worn on males while in uniform?
What size earrings can a female wear?
1/8 to 1/4 inch diameter plain gold or silver, plain diamond, or natural white pearl.
Are POW/MIA bracelets authorized while in uniform?
Can tie tacks be adorned with Coast Guard decoration?
How wide should the tie tack be?
3/16 inch
When may music headphones be worn?
While commuting as a passenger or using public transportation.
May white boot socks be worn?
No, unless the visible portion is black.
What is the hair bulk criteria for males?
1 1/2 inches from the scalp.
Is a clean shaven head authorized?
T/F: A male's hair can be no longer than 5 inches in length, as long as it does not touch the eyebrows when headgear is removed.
False, 4 inches.
What is the hair bulk criteria for females?
2 inches from the scalp.
Is a ponytail authorized to be pulled through the back opening of the ball cap?
T/F: Males are authorized to wear wigs/hairpieces.
False, only females.
If a male has authorization from his CO/OIC for a shaving waiver, how long can the beard be?
1/4 inch
What color lipstick is authorized?
A color which complements the wearer.
What three factors are you evaluating when conducting an inspection?
- The uniform is in good condition.
- The uniform is being worn properly.
- The member meets grooming standards.