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What is the best way to cook a roast?
Cook it slowly in the oven at 325F
What is the product of pyruvate breakdown?
Acetyl CoA
List the order of sweetness of glucose, sucrose, and fructose?
Fructose, Sucrose, Glucose, sorbitol
What gives structure to quick breads?
eggs and flour
When taking an anti-coagulant, what supplement should you avoid?
Vitamin E supplements over 400IU/day
What is the function of cream of tartar in a recipe?
prevents the maillard reaction
Which of the following flours has the most starch: cake, whole wheat, instantized, durum?
Homemade rolls are crumbly and fall apart easily. The most likely cause of the poor texture in the yeast bread is?
use of a lower-protein flour
According to Chinese beliefs, foods and herbs that may be used to treat illnesses are grouped as:
yin (dark/cold) and yang (bright, hot)
What 2 things have the greatest effect on the yield of meat cooked to a uniform internal temperature?
cooking time and the oven temperature
What is a natural plant hormone that is used to ripen fruits?
How should aseptically packaged milk be stored?
dry storage
What bacteria has a slow onset and is anaerobic?
clostridium botulinum
What is TVP and what is it used for in frozen meals?
textured vegetable protein, used to retain water and add protein
In the alanine cycle, alanine is released from muscle, taken up by the liver and then:
deaminated to release glucose
How many mEq does normal saline have?
What is the result of an amylase deficiency?
decreased glycolysis
Fresh eggs in the shell can be stored in a refrigerator at 40F for how long?
3 weeks
What are trypsin and chymotrypsin?
pancreatic enzymes that provide proteolytic action
Acid-base abnormalities in an uncontrolled diabetic are likely due to:
metabolic acidosis
How do kidneys help control pH?
By controlling the ratio of hydrogen ions to bicarb excretion
The amount of cerruloplasmin is affected by what disease?
Cushing's Syndrome
How could an edematous person be dehydrated?
Fluid is retain extracellularly
What usually occurs when is-caloric amounts of omega 3 fatty acids are substituted for saturated fatty acids?
Decreased triglycerides, little change in total cholesterol
What should you do to keep lemon meringue pie at its peak?
keep the pie refrigerated
What is a possible cause of a child being lethargic and irritable with diarrhea?
lead poisoning
Which of the following study designs can best determine the effect of promotional techniques on cafeteria sales: experimental, observational, survey, segmentation?
The absence of reinforcement following an undesirable behavior is called what?
What numbers show the strongest correlation?
-1 and 1
You are asked to give an in-service, what should you do first?
observe staff at work to identify problems
What is the most useful measurement for evaluating long term nutrition in a community assessment program?
height for age
The results of a glucose tolerance test would be best plotted on what type of graph?
line graph
When you are measuring functional and manipulative skills, which domain of learning are you analyzing?
After you review the patient's medical record, the first step in counseling is:
establish a climate of trust
What are inferential statistics associated with?
How can you determine the reading level of a text?
Count the number of words with more than 1 syllable
The country's infant mortality rate is 12.8, explain that in terms of number of deaths.
12.8 deaths per 1000 live births
What is the formula that counts that number of polysyllabic words in text to calculate the reading level?
SMOG index
If there is no statistical difference between study groups, the hypothesis is:
What is the best way to improve communication with participants in a nutrition education group?
Focus on paraphrasing
What is nominal data and what is an example of this type of data?
frequency or categorical data, ex: differentiate between men and women
What is an example of a formative evaluation?
pretest quiz
What is affective learning?
deals with attitudes, motivation, willingness to participate and value what is being learned