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You have just induced anesthesia and your first intubation attempts were unsuccessful. What should you consider?

  1. calling for help
  2. returning to spont ventilation
  3. awakening the pt

You then attempt to venilate the pt via facemask and are unsuccessful. What is your next move?

-Attempt SGA

If you can ventilate with a SGA do you follow the emergency or nonemergency pathway? What is your next step


-consider alternative approaches to intubation (video laryngoscope, different blades, LMA as intubation conduit, FO, bougie)

What are your options if all alternative approaches to intubation fail?

-Invasive airway

-consider feasibility of other options such as regional nerve blockade, anesthesia with LMA, local anesthesia infiltration

-Awaken patient (re-prep pt for awake intubation or cancelling surgery)

If you are unable to mask the pt and also unable to ventilate with a SGA, what pathway are you on and what are your next steps?

-Emergency pathway (failure to ventilate, failure to intubate)

-Call for help

-May try additional SGA or go directly to invasive airway

What is considered an invasive airway?

-surgical or percutaneous airway (cricothyrotomy or tracheotomy)

-Transtracheal jet ventilation

-retrograde intubation

If you planned a noninvasive awake intubation that fails, what options do you have?

  • cancel case
  • consider feasibility of other options (LMA anesthesia, local or regional anesthesia)
  • invasive airway

You were unable to intubate but so far you have been able to mask the pt adequately. All the sudden you are unable to mask, you do not have an etco2 waveform and the pt's spo2 has dropped to 82%. What do you do?

-Place an LMA

-If that is not adequate, call for help and do an emergency invasive airway