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What is 3M

Ship's maintenance, material, management. Manual- OPNAVINST 4790.4

What nstm is jacket water cooling systems in

NSTM chpt 220 vol. 3

What two methods are used to check seating of piston rings

Visual and operational parameters

In what manual can you find whether a diesel engine runs with crankcase pressure or vacuum


How often shall engine log readings be taken during run in or break in period

Every 15 mins

In a manometer what substance do you use? Mercury or water with dye

Approved dye with water

Three types of propellers

Fixed pitch diameter

Controllable reversible pitch


NSTM chapter for propellers


Do not operate warm engine for any length of time at...

Less than 60% load

NSTM chapter for electric power distribution sysytems


Blue smoke

1. Worn or stuck piston rings

2. Worn cylinder liners

3. Worn valve guides

4. Cracked pistons

Black / Grey smoke

1. Fuel incomplete, improper

2.high exhaust back pressure, restricted air

3. Turbocharger

4. Injectors

5. Engine overloaded, not balanced

6. Low compression

White smoke

1. Cold air intake

2. Light load

3. Air in fuel lines

4. Insufficient diesel fuel

5. Water in diesel

6. Low jacket water temp operation

Liners will usually wear at the greatest rate in an area ___ degrees to the crankshaft and direction of piston thrust

90 degrees

Are the cylinder liners of fairbanks Morse honed or not during overhaul?

Usually not honed

What are the three parts to Pyro meter exhaust temp measuring sysytem




Pyrometer electrical signal

In millivolts

What is the pressure drop difference between piston rings with open gaps

1/2 the pressure above the ring

NSTM chapter for propulsion bearings and seals


Circumferential scratching and grooving in a precision bearing is caused by

Dirt in lubricating oil

What is the NSTM chapter for pumps


What are three methods for installing flywheels

1. Split hub flywheel

2. Tapered shaft and hub

3. Flange connections

Two types of vibration dampners

1. Viscous type - free, floating flywheel, silicone fluid

2. Gear type - hydraulic

What kind of engine alignment shims are allowed

Composition three, corrosion resistant steel milspec-s-22499, up to 0.050 inch thick

Universal method for crankshaft deflection is

Crankshaft deflection gage ( 1/1000 inch graduations) measures Web spreading or closing