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Name the Regions of the Face
Identify the Parietal, Occipital and Temporal Regions and what bones do they each cover
All covered by the scalp
What is this an example of?
(2) Thickening of the SUPRAORBITAL RIDGE
(3) Congenital & acquired diseases
Name the Frontal Region anatomical landmarks
Identify the (3) regions of the head in this picture
What is INFERIOR to the orbital region and lateral to the nasal region?
Infraorbital Region
What is the area over the cheek?
Zygomatic Region
What is the most PROMINENT feature of the TEMPORAL REGION?
The "Auricular Region" aka External Ear
What is the flap that collects sound?
What is the superior and posterior free margins of the auricle?
What is the INFERIOR free margin of the auricle called?
What is the flap or tissue anterior to the meatus?
What is the tube which transmits sound to the middle ear?
External Acoustic Meatus
(aka "ear canal")
What is the flap of tissue OPPOSITE the tragus?
What is between the tragus and antitragus?
INTERtragic Notch
What is the area adjacent to the inner cheek
Buccal region
What is the lateral surface of the nose around the nostrils?

Ala means "wings"
What is the groove that extends from the ala to the corner of the mouth?
Nasilabial Sulcus
What is the MOST prominent feature of the Oral Region?
The Lips
What is the outline of the lips from the surrounding skin?
Vermillion Border
What is the vertical groove in the upper lip?
Philtrum (aka "Cupid's Bow)
What is the MOST Prominent Feature in the Mental Region?
The Chin
What is the bony prominence of the chin?
Mental Protuberance
What is this region called?
The Orbital Region
What area produces tears?
Lacrimal Glands
What are the inner and outer corners of the eye called?
Medial Canthus (toward midline)
Lateral Canthus
What is the white area of the eyeball?
What is the pigmented area of the eyeball called?
What is the OPENING in the center of the iris?
What is the thin membrane covering the FRONT of the eyeball and lines the insides of the eyelid?

Bulbar- covering the eyeball
Palpebral-lining the inside of eyelid
What is the horizontal portion of the mandible?
The body
What is the VERTICAL portion of the mandible?
What is the posterior inferior border of the ramus
What is the anterior border of the ramus?
Coronoid Process

"Superior part of ramus"
Coronoid = "crown"
What is the articulating part of the mandible?
What is the bone that supports the teeth?
Alveolar Process
The Region of the neck is divided by which muscle in what areas?
Divided by the Sternocleidomastoid muscle
(1) anterior cervical triangle
(2) posterior cervical triangle
What is the depression just below the glabella?
What is located between the eyes?
Nasal Root
What is below the nasal root?
Nasal Bridge
What is the tip of the nose?
Nasal Apex
What is the nostril called?
What is the midline cartilage that separates the nares?
Nasal Septum