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What advantage do vPC's have over traditional Etherchannel links (3 bullets)?
-vPC's allow single virtual uplink to a pair of upstream devices.
-The upstream devices are seen as a single logical switch, even though they are not. -Traffic can be load-balanced across multiple physical links to the upstream devices.
What are vPC Peers?
They are a pair of Nexus devices that will act as a single logical switch for downstream device.
What does the vPC Peer Link provide (10 bullets)?
-It will create the illusion of a single logical control plane.
-It will forward BPDU's and LACP packets.
-It will enable the devices to establish and maintain a primary/secondary relationship.
-MAC tables will be synchronised across the Peer Link.
-IGMP entries (for IGMP snooping) will be synchronised across the Peer Link.
-It will transmit multicast traffic.
-It will transmit traffic from Orphan Ports.
-Will provide HSRP transmission.
-It will transmit Cisco Fabric Services (CFS) traffic.
-Unicast traffic may be carried under certain failure conditions.
What is Cisco Fabric Services (CFS) used for?
This provides all the Sync technologies that enable vPC to work.
What is the Peer Keepalive Link used for (3 bullets)?
-This is a backup link to test the status of the vPC peers using keepalives.
-Keepalive messages are not sent over the Peer Link.
-Data or Sync messages will not be sent over the Peer Keepalive Link.
If a N5K uplinks to a pair of N7K's, describe the config at each end of the link (2 bullets).
-vPC will be configured on the N7K's.
-Normal Etherchannel will be configured on the N5K.
What is a vPC Member Port?
It is a port that is part of the vPC on one of the VPC Peers.

What is an Orphan Port?

It is a port that connects to another device but is not participating in the vPC.

What is a vPC domain (2 bullets)?

-All the components that make up the vPC config on a pair of vPC peers.
-A vPC Domain requires a numeric identifier known as a Domain ID.

Name 2 limitations of vPC.

-The Peer Link must use at least 1 x 10G port, 2 are recommended.
-vPC cannot be configured across VDC's.

At what layer does vPC operate.

L2, although L3 features such as HSRP can be used in conjunction with vPC.

Describe an example of dual-sided vPC.

If a pair of N7K's were providing a vPC domain to a pair of N5K's, which were in turn providing a vPC domain to a pair of N2K's, this would be a dual-sided vPC configuration.

What info will the "show vpc brief" command display (3 bullets)?
-vPC domain and Peer status.
-vPC Peer-Link status.
-vPC status - i.e. the vPC link to the downstream switch.
What info will the "show vpc peer-keepalive" command display (2 bullets)?
-Peer-Keepalive Status - status, interface, age, last update.
-Peer-Keepalive Parameters - IP details, timers, UDP port, TOS.
What info will the "show vpc role" command display (2 bullets)?
-Role of the local switch.
-Local Role-Priority of the local switch (lower is better).
What command could you use to check that the vPC config on two peers matches?
-"show vpc consistency-parameters" - global.
-"show vpc consistency-parameters interface port-channel 20" - per interface.