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What is the port capacity of the various MDS 9500 models (3 bullets)?

-9506 - 192 FC ports.
-9509 - 336 FC ports.
-9513 - 528 FC ports.

What are the features of the MDS 9500 series switches (7 bullets)?

-Non-blocking - virtual output queueing.
-High BW - 2.2T internal, 160G between switches (16 x ISL).
-Low latency - <20us per hop, zero packet loss.
-Multiprotocol - FC, FCoE, FICON, FCIP and iSCSI.
-Scalable - supports VSAN.
-Secure - port security etc.
-HA - dual SUP, clock, fans, PSU, fabric modules etc.

What is the main advantage of the SUP2A over the SUP2?

FCoE support.

How is the inter-crossbar fabric managed in the 9500 series (2 bullets)?

-SUP2A module handles for the 9506 & 9509 models.
-Inter-crossbar fabric module handles this in the 9513.

What type of licenses are required for MDS switches (2 bullets)?

-Feature licenses - same licensing model as LAN products.
-Module licensing - to enable the capabilities of installed modules.

Name 3 feature licenses.

-Enterprise License - security/monitoring services etc.
-SAN over IP - allows FCIP.
-Mainframe - allows FICON.

Describe the MDS 9124 (3 bullets).

-24 x line rate 4G FC ports
-Incremental licensing, 8 ports are licensed by default.
-NPV support (N Port Virtualisation)

Describe the MDS 9148 (4 bullets).

-48 x line rate 8G FC ports
-Can be licensed in 16/32/48 port configuration.
-Incremental licensing, 8 ports by default.
-NPV support (N Port Virtualisation).

Describe the MDS 9222i (3 bullets).

-18 x 4G FC ports.
-4 x 1G ports for FCIP/iSCSI.
-Provides flexibility with expansion slot.