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Which 2 Nexus switches are not capable of L3 switching?

a. Nexus 7010
b. Nexus 2248
c. Nexus 5548
d. Nexus 5020

b & C.

Which Nexus 2K device doesn't support host port channels?

a. 2148T
b. 2242TP
c. 2248TP
d. 2232TP


What are the features of the Nexus 7009 (4 bullets)?

-Slots 7+2.
-Fans - 1 x hot swappable fan tray on side.
-PSU - dual AC hot swappable PSU's.
-Misc - integrated cable management.

What are the features of the Nexus 7010 (4 bullets)?

-Slots 8+2.
-Fans - 3 x hot swappable fan modules on rear.
-PSU - Modular PSU's.
-Misc - integrated cable management.

What are the features of the Nexus 7718 (5 bullets)?

-Slots 16+2.
-Fans - Hot swappable fan modules on rear.
-PSU - Hot swappable PSU modules on front.
-Misc - integrated cable management.
-Throughput - >70Tbps

What features are common for all Nexus 7K devices (11 bullets)?

-Lockable front door.
-L2/L3 capable.
-DCB and FCoE capable.
-ISSU capable.
-VDC support.
-Control/Data Plane separation.
-Call-home (TAC) capability.

Which components are redundant in the Nexus 7K (5 bullets)?

-Supervisors (dual).
-CMP (located on Sup).

What connectivity options are available on the SUP1 module (4 bullets)?

-OOB Management.

What is the replacement for the EOL SUP1 module?


Name 6 licenses.

-Base - default on device, all other license packs are additional.
-Enterprise LAN - dynamic routing protocols, multicast.
-Adv Enterprise - VDC, Trustsec.
-Transport Services - OTV, LISP.
-Enhanced L2 Services - Fabricpath.

How is a digitally signed license pack installed and verified on a Nexus device (2 bullets)?

-Installed using the "install license" command.
-Verified using the "show license usage" command.

Describe the Nexus fabric modules (4 bullets).

-Provides parallel fabric channels to IO modules and SUP slots.
-Max of 5 active modules.
-230G per slot throughput, or 550G for fabric 2 modules.
-Supports virtual output queueing (prevents port from being overwhelmed).

Describe the power operating modes (4 bullets).

-Combined power mode – no redundancy.
-Power supply redundancy (N+1) – 1 spare PSU (the biggest one).
-Input source redundancy (grid) – diverse power from the provider, can handle a provider outage.
-PSU + input source (complete) – a combination of the 2 modes above. Can cope with a PSU or input source failure.

Describe the L2/L3 capabilities and throughput of the N5K series (4 bullets).

-5010 - L2 only, 520G throughput.
-5020 - L2 only.
-5548 - L3 with N55-D160L3 daughtercard.
-5596 - L3 with N55-M160L3 daughtercard, 1.92T throughput, 96 1 G ports.

What features are common across all N5K switches (3 bullets)?

-Generic Expansion Module (GEM) slots - to add additional Ethernet or FCoE ports (4 bullets).

Describe the N2K models (4 bullets).

-2148 - 4 x 10G fabric, 1 x PC up (max 4 ports), 48 x 1G, PC down not supported.
-2224 - 2 x 10G fabric, 1 x PC up, 24 x 1G, 24 PC down (max 8 ports).
-2248 - 4 x 10G fabric, 1 x PC up, 48 x 1G, 24 x PC down.
-2232 - 8 x 10G fabric, 1 x PC up, 32 fibre, 16 PC down, supports FCoE & DCB.

How long can features be tested for using a temporary license?

120 days.

How can you estimate the power consumption of a N7K that you are planning?

Using the Cisco Power Calculator.