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A basic method of operation that a good supervisor should follow is to...
train subordinates so they can handle problems that come up regularly themselves and come to him only with special cases.
To do a good job of performance evaluation, it is best for a supervisor to
Measure the employee's performance against standard performance requirements.
The MOST important reason for a supervisor to have private face to face discussions with subordinates about their performance is to
Help employees improve their work.
The CHIEF purpose of a probationary period for a new employee is to allow time for
determining the fitness of the employee to continue in the job.
When a subordinate resigns his job, it is most important to conduct an exit interview in order to
learn the true reasons for the employees resignation.
Chronic lateness is LEAST likely to be due to
distance of job location from home.
The LEAST effective stimulus for motivating employees toward improved performance over a long-range period is
an increase in salary.
Suppose that NOT ONE of a group of employees has turned in an idea to the employees suggestion system during the past year. The MOST probable reason for this situation is that the
Supervisor of these employees is not doing enough to encourage them to take part in the program.
A subordinate tells you that he is having trouble concentrating on his work due to a personal problem at home. It would be BEST for you to
listen quietly to the story because maybe they just need a sympathetic ear.