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Profile - what it’s made up of


Family life stage

Socio economics


Contributions to studying consumers (crude)

Psychology - study of thought process

Sociology - study of how groups influence behaviour

Anthropology - study of human cultures

Economics - study of supply and demand

All went to consumer behaviour theory - the study of behaviour of consumers

Behavioural segmentation

Attitude towards product

Benefits sought

Buyer readiness stage

Purchase occasion


Purchase behaviour

Usage loyalty and purchase behaviour

Non minor, major or solid user?

Buy in bulk or small size?

Frequency/ regularity Of purchase ?

Top up shopper or one stop shopper?

PEN portrait

Informal description of a person or group of people which will include age and other ‘hard’ variables, but will focus on softer dimensions such as attitudes, appearance and lifestyle

- allows segmentation and targeting in terms of who, what, where, when, how and why?

PEN picture check list

Profile - age, gender, ethnicity, class, location, family life stage

Psychographic description- lifestyle & personality

Behavioural description - benefits sought, usage rate, purchase situation , loyalty etc


Customers in same demographic group can exhibit much differ psychographic profiles

- Lifestyle

- personality


Extrovert - louder, social animal, impulsive, seek stimulation and advice

Introvert - quieter, internalising, seek structure solutions in advance

Ambivert - balance of extrovert and introvert in personality

Lifestyle dimensions

Make up a pen picture - create rich pictures

Activities: work, hobbies, social life, entertainment, leisure etc

Interests: family, job, fashion, media, achievement etc

Opinions: themselves, social issues, politics, future, past etc

Demographics: age, sex, income, life cycle etc

Lifestyle patterns

Succeeder - control

Reformer - enlightenment

Explorer - discovery

Aspirer - status

Struggler - escape

Resigned - survival

Mainstream - security

Resigned values

Value of survival arising from feeling that world slipping from grasp. Focus on:

- past orientation, resistance to change

- responsive to authority

- duty/ self sacrifice - strong opinions on what must be done

- roles and rules - women place in home, men in army

- national chauvinism

- enjoyment of quiet life

Resigned communication

- Right thing to use eg expert opinion

- look to past: class hierarchy was persuasive

- simple and straightforward

- avoid sexual colours, sensual messages, forget hormones

Resigned brands

Brand on pedastal

Ethical values

Pleasure of good bargain

Consumer behaviour (users and usage) Blackwell

Back (Definition)

Experience and style

Back (Definition)

Cognitive dissonance

Mental mismatch between what you expect and what you get

- disappointment and frustration

- driven to search for other solution and avoid disappointment in future

- needs retrieving quickly

Language of advertising

Advertising seeks to be noticed and make a ‘call to action’

Messages are carefully targeted and tailored to attract target audience

‘Copy platforms’ are established

Creatives ‘interrogate’ users, finding out everything about profile, psychographics and behaviour to determine best way to persuade

A ‘promise’ is made and ‘triggers’ engaged

Emotional drive

Ego, sex, companionship, self esteem, curiosity, reward, fear, love etc

Rational motivation

For a product based on:

Performance, reliability, appearance, comfort, ease of use, availability