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What do castes in India represent?
Stratified Societies
What is the effect of having endogenous marriage rules?
Maintaining social barriers between classes.
What is the term for a marriage in which one man has multiple wives?
The term for a marriage in which one woman has multiple husbands?
In rural areas if land continually divided and inherited by each son eventually there is not enough land. One solution is?
The first born son inheriting land?
What seems to be the best explanation for the practice of polyandrous marriages?
To keep the families wealth in one place.
Traditionally yano-mamo
Practice intermarriage to strengthen alliances
Why isn't dowry considered the opposite of bride wealt.
It is not groom wealth they do not get marital rights over groom.
The most important influences on post-marital residences are?
Property rights and inheritance
Which of these are influenced by gender identity roles of society self-identity?
Men and women look for jobs that suit their sex, Employers hire on stereotypes that they have.
In contemporary American society majority of construction jobs are held by men this is because?
Most outdoor or physical activity related jobs are held by men.
Within Native American groups which had members that assumed third gender typically how are these members called two spirits treated?
Well, because most still do important work.
Third gender people among the navajo were the?
The physical strength hypothesis probably accounts for which of these male specific task?
What do anthropologists consider for trying to address the status of women in any specific society?
Gender Stratification
Which of the following groups is noted as having a near equality between men and women?
the Iroquois
Which of these is the best description of an egalitarian society?
Form of society in which there is little inequality in access to culturally valued rewards
Which of these was egalitarian?
Today in India the caste system has?
Has died in urban life but still barely remains in the countryside.
In ordinary action in the US ____ is commonly believed to be an indicator of ones class membership?
For the elite in society reliance on force in order to maintain their status is risky business because?
The clamp down could lead to more rebellions.
In the study of inequality how do anthropologists use the word ideology?
Any set of ideas held by a group that explains the status quo
Which of these statements about functionalist theories of inequality is true?
motivates lower class workers.
From a functionalist theory inequality?
necessary for a society to motivate its most talented members to perform the most important roles.
When something is pleasing to the sense simulates the imagination and produces an emotional response it is said to have ________ value.
One art described in the text is body art that_____
artificial artistic enhancement or beautification of the human body by painting, tattooing, scarification or other means.
the forms that people give to their material objects are?
visual art, representations of general lifestyles in that society
In his comparative study of music and dance Allen Lomax found that the songs of people in less complex
did not enunciate clearly, has more vocables (sounds instead of words) and more repetitions.
As a social phenomenon art is often used as an expression of?
individuality and social identity
Which of the following European powers was not an important conqueror in the New World?
Spanish, French, English, Dutch
The first European explorers to make it to Africa were
The Portuguese
Which of these crops introduced by the Portuguese significantly increased the productivity of farming Africa?
Corn and manioc
During the 19th century which was the only Asian state to maintain its the autonomy from Europe
The overall economic impact of globalization has been that?
It has eroded the United States economy and integrated the global economy.
In sub-Saharan africa
gold was discovered by the Europeans and slave trade was established.
Since World War 2 most of the population migration has been
which of these statements about world population is true??
World Population has doubled and it is in the poorer parts of the world
Where does the largest portion of illegal immigration come from?
latin america, LEGAL is from other continents
Which of these is the best example of Applied Anthropology?
-Sub field whose practioners use anthropological methods, theories, and concepts to solve practical, real-world problems; practioners are often employed by a governmental agency or private organization.
45. What is the term for the assumptions shared by most Anthropologists, the kind of Information they gather, the methods used to gather the information and the categories used to describe and analyze it?
World View
The largest and fasted growing specialty within Applied Anthropology is?
Medical Anthropology
When deciding whether or not to have children, the primary consideration for a majority of North America is ________.
In general, lower fertility rates are connected to __________.
Cultural norms about desirable family size, occupational and spatial mobility, women’s employment, social burdens of children.
Which of these countries voted against the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples?
United States, Canada, Australia and New Zeland
Related to his study of famines, economists Amartya Sen found that ______.
Famines do not result in a lack of food but rather from the inability of some groups- usually the poorest- to gain access to food. The result of market forces that increase the cost of food while depressing incomes to the poiunt that families can no longer purchase food.
In the US many people marry, divorce and remarry. The term for this is?
Serial Monogamy
Ownership of and access to valued material goods, and the resources necessary for producing those goods is termed