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A set of computer instructions designed to solve a specific problem is referred to as a?
A set of step-by-step prodcedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n)?
Machine Language uses...?
Numeric Codes
What is not a typical programming language used today?
Machine Language
The World Wide Web has been around for how long..?
since the 1990's
Vaccum tubes were eventually replaced by what?
Integrated Circuits
Who developed the microprocessor?
Who's law predicted that the number of transistors that can be packed into a silicon chop of the same price would roughly double every two years?
Extra-light notebook computers are sometimes known as...?
Special-purpose coputers use silicon chips that have the progam etched into them. this hybrid of hardware and software is called...?
How is the World Wide Web Different from the internet?
It is a vast tract of the internet and makes the internet accessible to just about anyone.
Computers have changed the way humans go about their day-to-day lives. Events and ideas radically change the way people work, live, and think. This dramatic change is known as
Paradigm Shift
The three major catagories of software are?..
System Software, Software Applications, and Utility Programs
What software is responsible for the locations of all programs and files in a computer's file system?
Operating system
Windows explorer is an example of...?
File management
what type of menu offers choices based on what object you have selected in a program?
Context-Sensitive Menu
Processing information involves....?
Accepting information fromt he outside world, communication with another computer, and performing arithmetic or logical operations on information that is input
Hardware components are?
Physical parts of a computer system
The primary output device for computers is a?
Video Monitor
The hardware device commonly referred to as the "brain" of the computer is the..?
CPU (Central Processing Unit)
If a user needs information instantly available to the CPU, it should be stored where?
In the RAM (Random-Access Memory)
the smallest unit of information a computer can understand and process is known as a?
Binary means....?
there are two possibilities, on and off
A byte can represent any number between 0 and?
what replaced MS-DOS?
Microsoft Windows
The most common pointing input decive is the..?
what resembles an upside-down mouse?
a trackball
a smartphone is what kind of handheld input device?
For a computer to recognize and understand analog data, it first must be..?
the technology that recognizes individual characters on a printed page, so they can be stored and eventually edited, is known by the acronym..?
a ____ printer also known as a MFP combines a scanner, laser or inkjet printer, and a fax modem into one device
A magnetic disk, hard disk, or floppy disk uses what kind of access?
_____ recognition software is invaluable for people with disabilities who are unable to use their hands
In relation to a computer's monitor, DPI stands for____
Dots per Inch
Carpal _____ syndrome is a painful affliction of the wrist and hand that results from repeating the same movements over long periods.
Gigahertz is a measure of the computer's clock speed and is a measure of ____ of clock cycles per second
____ is a coding scheme that supports 100,000 unqiue characters, more than enough for all the major world languages
Computers store important start-up information on chips that are commonly known by the acronym___
Computer users can customize their computers by inserting special-purpose circuit boards called _____ cards.
A ____ is a binary digit.
_____ applications combine audio, video, graphics, text, and interactivity all into one application
Desktop Publishing
____ law is the prediciton by a chairman of Inte int he 1960's that the number of transistors that can be packed into a silicon chip of the same price would double approximately every 18 months
A web _____ is a program that allows access to the WWW (World Wide Web)
Slots and ___ enable the CPU to communicate with the outside world Via Peripheral devices
Information on computers is ____, which means it can be make up of two values.
A ____ CPU can (with the right software) divide the work load between processors, assigning multiple cores to labor-intensive tasks such as photo or video editing.
Legally the definition of ____ property includes the results of intellectual activites in the arts, science, and industry.
To save a previously saved file to a different location or with a different name, you use the ___ menu option.
When the operating system requests an application progeam to be executed, it is temporarily stored in memory, also known by the acronym __