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Application Layer

The highest layer and the one that provides the service users typically interact with.

Transport Layer

Responsible for delivery between the sending/receiving programs and, typically, the ordering and error correction.

Network Layer

Responsible for the information needed to route packets from the source to the destination machines.

Link Layer

Responsible for the delivery of the packets betweeen adjacent nodes in the networking.

Physical Layer

Converts bytes to the appropriate format for signaling.


The boundary between the host and the physical link


Network interconnecting multiple hosts and a single router


The ability to use a single prefix to advertise multiple networks

Autonomous System

Group of routers that are typically under the same administrative control.

Intra-AS System Routing Protocol

The routing algorithm running within an autonomous system.

Gateway Router

Responsible for forwarding packets to destinations outside the AS

Inter-AS Routing Protocol

Responsible for obtaining reachability information from neighboring ASs and propagating reachability information to all routers inside the AS.

Hot-potato Routing

When the AS gets rid of the packets as fast as it can


A BGP session that spans two ASs


When pairs of routers exchange routing information over semipermanent TCP connections.


A BGP session between routers in the same AS


An attribute that contains the ASs through which the advertisement for the prefix has passed


An attribute that used by routers to properly configure their forwarding tables