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Which notable GI (zone) in South Australia?
-Hilly region with a wetter climate and rocky soils
Eden Valley
Large area of production within a state (Barossa is a zone within south Australia)
What is a Zone?
What are the primary WHITE grape varieties of Victoria in Australia? (3)
These are all zones of what state in Australia?
-Mornington Peninsula
-Murray Darling
These points refer to what state in Australia?
-Great southerns Mount Barker and Frankland River
-Perth Hills
-Swan District and Swan Valley - which is the hub of this states wine industry and one of the hottest growing regions in the world
Western Australia
These are zones of what State in Australia?
-Yarra Valley: pinot noir, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon based wines
-Rutherglen: stickies! fortified muscat and muscadelle - some of worlds greatest dessert wine
What is McLaren Vale?
This is a zone in South australia
-light white to dessert
-shiraz and cabernet sauvignon
-Smaller area within a zone (Barossa valley and Eden Valley are regions within Barossa)
What is a region?
Describe the soils of Victoria?
mix of:
-Enormous appelation covering most producing areas
-largest GI (zone)
-crucial to the industry's philosophy of blending
What is the South Eastern Australia Super Zone?
Describe the climate of Victoria
-Cool maritime coastal regions vs. hot Mediterranean inland areas seperated by Australian Alps
What is Barossa Valley?
-oldest and most important area in south australia
-cabernet sauvignon
What is Margaret River?
-western Australias premier wine region. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines of elegance and finesse.
-Marine influenced, warm maritime similar to Bordeaux, but irrigation is generally necessary
What state in Australia?
-Vineyards established at Prospect Farm near Hobart in 1823
-Soils: volcanic, red basalt, low fertility
-white grapes: chardonnay, aromatic varieties (gewurtztraminer & Riesling)
-sparkling wine industry important
What is Coonawarra?
GI (zone) in South Australia
-Terra Rossa soil and cooler climate lead to balanced wines
-cabernet sauvignon
-shiraz wines
What are the primary BLACK (RED) grapes of Victoria? (5)
-Cabernet Franc
-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Noir
These are all notable GI's of what State in Australia?
New South Wales
These are all highly regarded producers of what state in Australi?
-Barossa Valley
-Clare Valley
-McLaren Vale
South Australia
What are the primary WHITE grape varieties of Australia? (8)
-Sauvignon Blanc
-Chenin Blanc
What state?
-Produces 55% of Australia's wine
-Largest wine companies based in Barossa
-Penfold's Grange started in Adelaide
-Fruit from Riverland used for mass-produced blending
-grapes: shiraz...wide range
-Climate: cool southern to warm northern inland, altitude can moderate temperatures in hilly areas
-soils: limestone, clay, loams
South Australia
What state in Australia?
-established late 1870s
-has white grape varieties of semillon, chardonnay & riesling
-has shiraz red grape variety
climate: generally hot and humid grapes
soil: wide cross-section-alluvial, red clay, sand, clay
New South Wales
These areas of production are located in what state of Australia?
-Piper's River
-Coal River
-Tamar Valley
What is Hunter Valley?
Notable GI (zone) of New South Wales
-established in the 1960's by Penfolds
-whites predominate (Rosemount's Roxburgh Estate)
What state in australia?
-vineyards established 1829
-white grapes of chardonnay & riesling
-Red grapes of Cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, merlot, cabernet franc
-climate: warm maritime, ocean breezes, irrigation necessary
-soils: gravels and sands over clay
Western Australia
What is Clare Valley?
Notable GI (zone) of South Australia
-hot region with cool nights
-dry farmed
-riesling in dry style
Even smaller appellations within a region (High Eden is a Sub-region within Eden Valley)
What is a sub-region?
This guarantees all claims made on label (vintage, variety, region, etc.)
-85% for vintage, variety and origin
-introduced in 1990
Label Integrity Program (LIP)
These are GI's (zones) of what State in Australia?
-Adelaide Hills
-Langhorne Creek
South Australia