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Over 190 countries involved in the international environmet is described as?
Many actors
Nations are __________ and ________ because they are self ruling and geographically separated.
Sovereign and Unique
________ __________ exists because a countries political functions are not regulated or ethically patrolled by a regulatory body.
Decentralized anarchy
Because the world is _________, what a nation does affects other nations differently.
Little strategy shared in the international area would be and example of
There being no consensus in the United States
Geographic location and isolationism would be an example the a
Pre-WWII United States
The changing international environment is
The cause of foreign policy controversy
Containment and the Domino theory would be an example of
Postwar globalsim in the US
The Vietnam conflict began spurred
Fundamental change in US foreign policy
Security of Sea Lines of Com, The breakup of the USSR, and NATO modifications are all
factors of regional problems impacting US foreign policy
Resource dependency, access to oil, and the balance of power
Factors impacting Third world Foreign Policy
Competing and cooperating economically, strong offshore capabilities, and reducing resource dependency are all
Factors impacting US foreign policy in Europe
_________ is the foreign policy objective used to deal effectively with the breakup of the USSR
Maintain the balance of power
______ are all problems impacting US foreign policy in the middle east
Regional stability, oil and Arab-Isreali conflicts
In ____ security of sea lines of com. is a problem impacting US foreign policy
The Third world
______ is a US foreign policy in the middle east
Regional stability
_______ is the greatest problem impacting US foreign relations in Asia
maintaining security balance without war
The art and science of coordinating the development and use of those instraments to achieve national security objectives
Grand Strategy
A plan of action
Coorinating the development, deployment, and employment of military forces
Military Strategy
The art and science of planning, orchestrating, and directing military campaigns within the theatre of ops. to achieve national security objectives
Operational strategy
The art and science of employing forces on the battlefield to achieve national security objectives
Battlefield strategy
Adopted during the Civil War, the bugle call signals the end of life
Signals the end of the duty day and links us to our military heritage
Adopted from the French and British, this is one of our longest bugle calls
Recieved the MOH on 1 May 1943, for action over Europe for throwing exploding ammo overboard, manning guns, first aid and single handedly extinguishing a fire on the AC
Sgt Maynard Smith
Recieved the MOH on 20 Dec 1943, Radio operator and gunner on AC, volunteered to tossed from AC to lighten the weight, operated radio until the AC was ditched at which time he saved the tail gunner from certain death (Over Germany)
TSgt Forrest Vosler
Recieved the MOH (Posthumously) for action on 20 Feb 1944, attempted to fly/land the plane with the aid of the navigator, on the 3rd landing attempt the AC crashed killing all on board (Europe).
SSgt Archibald Mathies
Recieved MOH for action over Japan, 12 Apr 1945, as he was launching fosferous bombs, one proved faulty and exploded in the AC, disregarded burning of his hands, carried the burning bomb to Copilots window and tossed it out
SSgt Henry Erwin
Recieved the MOH for action on 11 Apr 1966 (Posthumosly), for action in Vietnam. Cared for several injured soldiers, chose to stay and defend the wounded, died during the fight.
A1C William H. Pitsenbarger
Recieved the MOH for action on 24 Feb 1969, injured by shrapnel, dove on a flare in the AC, drug himself to the open cargo door, and threw the flare out just as it ignited.
A1C John L. Levitow
Who was the first enlisted Amn to recived the MOH?
Sgt Maynard Smith
Who was the lowest ranking Amn in history to be awarded the MOH?
A1C John Levitow
Recieved the MOH posthumously
SSgt Archibald Mathies/A1C William Pisenbarger
Recieved MOH for action over Bremen Germany
SSgt Forrest L. Vosler
I am an American fighting for the forces that guard my country and our way of life, I am prepared to give my life in its defense
Article 1, COC
I will never surrender of my own free will. If I am in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.
Article 2, COC
The only time surrender MAY be considered is
When evasion by an individual is impossible, and further fighting would lead only to death with no significant enemy loss
If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
Article 3, COC
Prohibits a captor nation from executing a POW for escape attempts
Geneva Convention
A POW under the authority of the senior ranking officer, must
be ready to attempt escape whenever possible
If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades. If I am senior, I will take commande. If not I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way.
Article 4, COC
This is a dispicable act and is expressly forbidden!
Informing on other prisoners
Should I become a POW, I am required to give the following information IAW Article V
Name, Rank, Service Number, DOB
What type of communication may a POW have with his/her captors?
Communication regarding matters of health, welfare, may write letters home, and fill out a Geneva convention capture card.
I will never forget that I am an American fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the US.
Article 6, COC
Who was the first Enlisted pilot. He paved the way for 3,000 enlisted aviators who followed in his footsteps
Sgt Vernon Burge
She was the first enlisted army aviatrix, soloing in the 1912 Model-B Wright Biplane, she was also the 5th woman in US to recieve pilots license.
Ruth Law
While serving in the Royal Flying Corps, he was the first American to shootdown 5 AC in WWI
Pvt Frederick Libby
______, Worlds first black pilot flew with the French Air Corps (Lafayette Escadrille)
Cpl Eugene Bullard
_______ founded and served as the first Commander of Muroc Bombing Range (Edwards AFB)
MSgt Harley "Fogie" Fogleman
_____ recieved the distinguished flying cross when he became the first human in the US to eject from an AC
AAF First Sergeant Lawrence Lambert
SSgt Esther Blake had what significance on the enlisted force?
She was the first woman in the AF (enlisted on 8 July 1948)
She was the first female CMSgt
CMSgt Grace A. Paterson
He scored the first and only 2 arial kills ever from a B-52 tail gun during Linebacker II, he was awarded the Silver star
SSgt Samuel Turner
President Truman signed Executive order 9981 ending segregation in the military in the year of
The AFs last black unit was disbanded in _____ making the AF one of the most fully integrated institutions in US society.
June 1952
In 1969 the AF introduced this program to continue its strong support of integration.
AF Social Actions
The AF introduced the Defense Race Relations Institute in
The first NCOA on record opened its doors in Wiesbaden GE in _____
The Wiesbaden NCOA was ordered establishe by Gen John K. Cannon (USAFE/CC) to
Improve leadership and management skills
The Wiesbaden NCOA closed in
This Command established a more sustained educational effort, and opened its NCOA in West Drayton England
Nov 1952
The CMSgt of the AF billet was created in October 1966 and filled by _________ 6 months later in April 1967
CMSgt Paul Airey
The AF established the position of Senior Enlisted Advisor in 1970 and in 1998 the title changed to
Command Chief Master Sergeant
The AF adopted the WAPS which is a more fair system of promotion within the enlisted ranks in
During the 1960s women were limited to what types of careers in the AF
clerical, admin, personnel, information, and medical
1n 1972 _______ forced the AF to open many hard to fill technical fields, even those involving flight line work to women
The equal rights amendment
the CCAF was founded in
in January 1973 the AF created
What date did the General Court of the Mass Bay Colony order the organization of the Colony militia company into 3 regiments
13 Dec 1636
Who faced British regulars at lexington on 19 Apr 1775 (The shot heard around the world)
The minutemen - citizen soldiers who answered the nations call to arms in the struggle for independence
Each of the 13 colonlies had ____ and less formal _____ units as well as regular Federal Continental Troops
State Troops and Militiamen
What unit did the Marquis de Lafayett greet during his final visit to New York, July 14 1825
the 2nd battalion, 11th New York Artillery (The National Guard)
Who organized the first National Guard aviation unit, 1 November 1915
Captain Raynal Bolling founded the First Aero Company, New York National Guard (102d ARS today)
On ______ 10 JN-4 "Jennies" from the 1st Aero Compay complete a historic round-trip flight from NY to NJ
19 November 1916
The war department decided not to mobilize the Nat Guard aviation units for WWI in the Spring of
Reed Chambers, Eddie Rickenbacker, and David Patterson of the 94th pursuit Sq did what on April 14 1918
Flew the first combat missions ever ordered from a US commander
Who was the first ever nat guard Ace by shooting down 5 AC on 22 October 1918
Lt Reed Chambers
What was the first postwar aviation unit to recieve federal rocognition
109th Observation Sq (Jan 17 1921
Who was the first Nat Guardsman (aviator) to solo across the Atlantic
Charles Lindbergh (20-21 May 1927)
What aviation units were the first nat guard units mobilized for WWII 16 September 1940
105th (TN), 116th (WA), 119th (NJ), 154th (AR)
Lt Col Addison Baker led the 93rd bombardment Group (H) on a low level attack of a Ploesti Oil refinery
1 Aug 1943
in December 1943 the ___ became the first operational photographic recon sq in Northern Europe
107th Tactical Reconnaissance Sq (Mi) awarded the Presidential Unit Citation
February 9, 1946 the Nat Guard announced
The post WWII Air Nat Guard plan to the states and territories
What was the first aviation unit to ve bederally recognized in the post war guard
120th Fighter Squadron (CO) Jun 30 1946
The ANG became a separate reserve component of the US Air Force
18 Sep 1947
Mobilization of ANG units for the Korean war began
Oct 1950
During the mobilization of ANG units for Korean War, what was identified
Problems with guard training, equipment, and organizational structure
Who flew the first ANG combat missions over Korea
136 FBW (TX)
Who colaborated to score the first ANG jet kill by shooting down a mig15 on 26 Jun 1951 while escorting 4 B-29s
Lt Arthur Oligher and Capt Harry Underwood of the 182d FWB (TX ANG)
How many Guardsmen won the title of ACE during Korea
4 (Capts Rober Love, Clifford Jolley, Robinson Risner, Maj James Hagerstrom)
Who was the first female to enter service in the ANG in October 1956
Nurse Captain Norma Erb (Retired at the grade of Lt Col 1967)
When did AF MAJCOMS assume responsibility of inspecting and supervising the training of ANG units assigned to them
1 Jul 1960
How many reservists and Guradsman did Pres Kennedy order to active duty to respond to the Berlin Crisis on 30 Aug 1961
What was Operation Stairstep
A mass deployment to Europe after the Berlin Crisis mobilization
How many squadrons/AC arrived without incident for Stairstep
8 Sq/216 ACs
Who was the first head of the ANG bureau 31 Aug 63
Maj Gen Winston P. "Wimpy" Wilson
When did the ANG conduct its first non-stop trans atlantic deployoment of TAC AC for training?
8-22 Aug 64 "Operation Ready Go"
Who provided inflight refuel for Ready Go
126 ARW (IL ANG)
What operation consisted of ANG volunteers providing inflight refuleing for European based recon and fighters
Operation Creek Party May 1967 (Would continue for 10 years)
April 11 1968, the DOD ordered 22000 additional reservists/guardsmen activated for the ____ in Vietnam
Tet Offensive
120th TFS (CO ANG) arrive and begin flying operational missions from Phan Rang AB Vietnam on
3 May 1968
The 160th ARG (OH ANG) recieved the first KC135 in ANG inventory in
April 1975
This unit was the first ANG unit to go on Cat A SAC alert on 1 July 1976
160th ARG (OH ANG)
Who was the first female ANG pilot
Lt Marilyn Koon, 161 ARG (AZ ANG) Jan 1978
Lt Ann Taylor of the 160th ARG (OH ANG) became the first ANG female navigator
24 Apr 1979
What AC was the 169 TFG (SC ANG) the first ARC unit to fly in July 1983
ANG conduct operations during OP Just Cause in Panama in
Dec 1989
The first ANG volunteers to arrive in the Persian gulf in Aug 1990
Mississippi ANG
When did Pres Bush order ANG members mobilized for Op Desert Shield
22 Aug 1990
In April 1993, this ANG unit was the first to conduct a Joint search and rescue with a Russian unit
210th ARS (AK ANG)
When did the Kansas ANG recieve the B-1 Bombers, making them the first ANG unit to have this AC
1 July 1994
How many ANG were activated during Kosovo in December 1999
Approximately 3300
When did the Illinois ANG begin support for Operation Noble Eagle
March 2003 (Peoria Air Wing)
The ANGs state role is to
Provide trained and equipped units to protect life and property and to preserve pease, order and public safety as directed by the Governor
An example of protecting life and property and civil defense for the ANG would be
Fire fighting and regional emergencies
Youth assistance and education, and counter drug operations are both examples of the ANG mission of
Preserving peace, order and public safety
The ANG support the federal missiong based on the AF doctrin, some examples are
Air and Space superiority, information superiority, global attack, precision engagement, rapid global mobility, and agile combat support
Air and space superiority
counter air, space and spacelift
Information superiority
Intell/surveillance/recon (ISR), command and control (C2), nav and positioning, counterinformation, weather
Global attack
strategic attack
precision engagement
Counterland, sea, special ops/combat search and rescue (CSAR)
Rapid global mobility
airlift, refueling
agile combat support
all enlisted provide acs
Provided a permanent cadre of civilian technicians ready for instant mobilization
Air Reserve Technician program
The militia Acto of 1792
Automatically enlisted all able-bodied men between 18-45 into hometown armed service
Established ready, standby, and retired reservist categories
The Armed Forces Reserve act
The capabilities of the ARC consist of
Air Refueling, Aeromed evac, Air Trans, AC maint, Airlift, CE, global fighter support, medical, MSS, SF
Name the ARC special missions
Air Fire fighting, air spraying, Search/rescue, Spacecom, SPECOPS, weather
What are the two types of ARC CE Units
Whos inherent responsibility is it to understand the AF Nuclear Enterprise and its role in the Security of the US and its allies
Every Airman
the first nuclear device was detonated when and where
16 July 1945 near Alamagordo NM
Who dropped "Little Boy" on Hiroshima Japan 6 Aug 1945
The Army Air Corps from the B-29 "Anola Gay"
What city was "Fat Man" dropped on effectively ending WWII
Nagasaki Japan 9 Aug 1945
Define the Cold War Period
A period of rivalry and suspicion between the Communist East and the Capitalist West
What was an early test of the newly formed USAF
The Berlin Airlift
What was the only way of transport between the West and East
Air corridors which were protected by treaty
When was the Cuban missile crisis
How many days did the strategic chess match between the US an USSR (Cuban Missile Crisis) last
13 days
How did the US force the removal of mid range ICBMs from Cuba
Naval Blockades
Who called for the removal of the Berlin Wall
Ronald Regan made this famous call just outside a checkpoint protected by bullet proof glass
What did President Regan demand
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
Who was the one command to control the nuclear force
SAC, created in 1946
Who controlled the majority of the nuculear force from 1946-1992
In the Cold War erra, SAC was known for what
strict rules and unrelenting accountability and reliability
SACs motto was
Peace is our profession
The cold war ended in
1994 without the firing of a single shot
What is the Peace dividend
beleif that the treat of nuclear war decreased
After the cold war, the focus on the nuclear enterprise
From 1990-2007, nuclear deterence dollars were cut by
SAC and TAC combined to become
Since the end of the cold war the nuclear mission has continued to be
When did the soviets end the US nuclear monopoly
AFGSC was created in
Why was AFGSC created
Oversight of the nuclear mission, restore faith in ability to safegaurd nuclear assets, execute nuclear weapons with precision
AFGSC HQ is based at Barksdale LA, and is comprised of the following NAFs
20th AF, F.E. Warren (ICBMS), 8th AF, Barksdale (Bombers)
What contributes to deterence and provides stability in a crissis
ICBMs are
Responsive to national leadership, continuously on alert, deployed to 450 locations
B52 and B2 bombers forces offer
flexability and versatility, are essential to nuclear deterrence
the B52 provides
unique standoff capabilities
the B2 can
attacke heavily defended targets
8th AF is the lead command for what helicopter
UH-1N Huey
What are the nucleare mission areas
Weapon storage areas (WSA), Prime Nuclear Airlift forces (PNAF), Weapons storage and security systems (WS3), Missile launch control facilities and Silos
What is a heavily secured area inside the perimiter of the base called igloos
The AF has how many above ground and how many below ground WSAs
6 and 1
what is the downside of a WSA
you must transport the nuclear weapon using a large convoy and many SFS personnel
Any aircrew, flightline, AC or other function that provides peacetime support of logistical airlift for nuclear weapons
PNAFs consist of
specially trained C130 and C17 aircrews and support personnel
WS3s include
electronic monitoring and controls, storage vaults built into the floor of AC shelters
WS3 vault storage
holds upto 4 nuclear weapons directly under the AC, which reduces the need for convoys and eliminateds exposure
A deep underground reinforced structure that can withstand weapon effect, contains a blast and preasure protected hardened capsule, capable of controlling monitoring and launching 50 missiles
Inner launch control center
A cylindrical structure with hemispheric walls and ends 4.5' thick, with a 2 person crew suspended in a shock isolated room
Outer launch control center
Missile silos
underground hardened container protected from air blast effect by a blast door
Multiple missile fields ensures
system survivability and complicates enemy ability to take out system
The components of the nuclear enterprise are
peopel, organizations, processes, and systems