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Bonham's Case
(1610) Coke's statement on divine law; natural law above the will of Parliament.
R v Love
(1653) Divine law above the will of Parliament.
City of London v Wood
(1701) Implied that Parliament may be subject to higher authority; divine law.
Edinbrough and Dalkeith Railway Co. v Wauchope
(1842) Orthodox theory; "enrolled bill rule".
British Railways Board v Pickin
(1974) "enrolled bill rule"; deceit irrelevant.
Ellen Street Estates Ltd v Minister of Health
(1934) Implied repeal; Housing Acts.
Mortensen v Peters
(1906) Domestic law above international law; fishing.
Cheney v Conn.
(1968) Domestic law above international law; taxes; nuclear.
A-G for New South Wales v Trethowan
(1931) Entrenchment.
Harris v Donges
(1952) Entrenchment; South Africa.
Bribery Commissioner v Ranasinghe
(1965) Ceylon; entrenchment.