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It is important for you to remember that the mouthpiece and earpiece of the sound-powered telephones are interchangeable for what reasons?
They can be interchanged if a piece brakes, Undesirable noises can be fed into the system.
The headset of the sound telephone is picked up as a unit for what reason?
To avoid breaking it
When using the mouthpiece of a sound powered telephone set to report contacts, how far from your mouth should you position the mouthpiece?
1/2 to 1 inch
Why should you unplug a phone's headset when it's not in use?
Earpieces will pick up noise and transmit it over the circuit
Aboard ship, there are how many categories of shipboard sound powered circuits?
Sound powered telephone circuits aboard ship fall into three categories what are they?
1) Primary System
2) Auxiliary System
3) Supplementary System
The Primary system includes all circuits necessary for controlling armament, engineering, damage control, maneuvering, and surveillance functions during battle. These circuits are designated as?
JA through JZ
The auxiliary system duplicates many of the primary circuits for the purpose of manintaining vital communications in the event of damage to the primary circuits. Circuit designations are the same as the Primary system preceded by what letter?
X (example: XJA, XJZ)
What is the designation for the " Captain's Battle Circuit"?
What is the designation for the " Weapons Control" Circuit"?
What is the designation for the "Lookouts Circuit"?
What is the designation for the "Surface Search Radar" Circuit?
What is the designation for the "Air Search Radar" Circuit?
What is the designation for the "Sonar Information" Circuit?
What is the designation for the "Maneuvering & Docking" Circuit?
What is the designation for the "Damage Control" Circuit?
What is the designation for the "Replenishment at Sea" Circuit?
To keep the meaning of a message intact when standing duty as a telephone talker, what action should you take?
Repeat the message word for word
What are the rules for circuit discipline?
1) Transmit only official messages
2) Keep the button in the "OFF" position except when actually transmitting
3) Use only standard words and phrases
When a telephone talker says, "Silence the Line", you should take what action?
Stop talking Immediately
If speaking on a sound powered circuit you should do what before getting off?
Request permission to get off
The IVCS (Integrated Voice Communications System) is made up of what components?
What is the ICSC?
Within the IVCS, what is the purpose of the ICSC's?
To perform switching actions
What shipboard announcing system is called the general announcing system?
Who is in charge of the 1MC?
Who is authorized to pass calls over the 1MC?
Who is responsible for passing the word over the 1MC?
Which shipboard announcing system is used for intership communications and is called the bullhorn?
The "Bitch Box"
What types of flags and pennants are used by the Navy?
International Alphabet Flags
Numeral Pennants & a code/answer Pennant
A set of Numeral Flags
Special Flags & Pennants
Four Substitute or Repeaters
If the Ensign is flown from the flagstaff and is half-masted, how is the Union Jack flown?
Half-masted as well
Does a U.S. Navy ship ever dip it's colors to a foreign ship first?
The Union Jack is hoisted where to indicate that a General Court-martial or a Court of Inquiry is in session?
What flag is ever flown above the National Ensign?
Church Flag
When underway the national ensign is normally flown from what location?
The Gaff
When a naval ship is in port or at anchor, the Union Jack is flown from what location?
The Jackstaff
On small ships, personnel from what watch are responsible for hoisting and hauling down absentee pennants?
Quarterdeck Watch
On large ships what person is responsible for making sure that special flags or pennants are displayed to indicate changing events aboard ship?
Duty Signalman
The list of special flags and pennants is normally posted as a ready reference for watch standers where?
Quarterdeck Area
What flags are flown when divers are down, keep well clear at slow speed?
Code Alpha
What flag is flown whentaking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous material?
What flag is flown when personnel are working aloft?
What flag is flown when the ship has medical guard duty?
Mike 1
What flag is flown when the ship has dental guard duty?
Mike 2
what flag is flown to indicate man overboard?
What flag is flown when the ship has a breakdown: the vessel is having engine or steering difficulty?
Flag Five
What flag is flown for General recall; all personnel return to the ship?
When preparing to replenish at sea what flag is flown?
What flag is flown for boat recall; all boats return to the ship?