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What is the Purpose of Colorado Childrens Code?
To secure for each child subject to these provisions such care and guidance, preferably in his own home, as will best serve his wellfare and the interests of society. To preserve and strengthen family ties whenever possible, including improvement to the home and environment. To remove a child from the home only when it is deemed the child is no longer safe in the home. (In the best interest of the child)
The juvenile court has exclusive jurisdiction over a child in CRS 19-1-104 in:
Delinquency, dependency and neglect, determination of parentage or paternity, relinquishment of parental rights, child support, consent to marriage, enlistment, employment of a child when such consent is required by law, treatment or commitment of mentally ill or developmentally disabled children, school truancy issues, custody or guardianship concerning children who are otherwise under juvenile court jurisdiction.
19-2-104 The juvenile court retains jurisdiction over a juvenile until:
all court orders have been completed, until all pending cases have been completed, or until the statute of limitations has run, regardless of whether the juvenile has turned eighteen.
Adjudicatory Trial:
(Trial ending in conviction in adult world) Determines whether the allegations of a petition in delinquency are supported by the evidence
Delinquent Act:
A violation of the law over which juvenile court has jurisdiction (a crime in adult world)
Temporary care of any child who requires secure custody in physically restricting facilities pending sentencing. (jail in the adult world)
Guardian ad Litem:
A person appointed by the court to act in the best interest of the child
In CRS Title 19, A person under the age of 18.
A Juvenile who has been found guilty of committing a delinquent act.
Persons designated by the chief judge to make recommendations whether a juvenile should be released or admitted to a detention or shelter facility.
A child may be temporarily cared for, pending court disposition, in physically unrestricted facilities called _________.
How many days does the Juvenile court have to rule on a delinquent act?
60 days
T/F: The parent guardian or legal custodian is required to attend all proceedings.
T/F: The court may impose contempt sanctions for a parent or guardian’s failure to attend any proceedings.
A juvenile may be taken into temporary custody by a law enforcement officer based on:
Probable cause or executing a warrant.
A juvenile may be detained temporarily by _______ other than a law enforcement officer if the juvenile has committed or is committing a delinquent act in the presence of such ______.
Any adult.
When a juvenile is taken into custody and not released pending charges, the officer shall ______ the legal guardian of said juvenile.
______ days is the maximum amount of time a juvenile can be sentenced to Detention.
45 days.
_______ is the maximum a juvenile can be committed to DHS. Unless class 1,2,3 Felony.
2 years.
No statements or admissions made shall be admissible unless __________ of the juvenile is present at the interrogation and they have been advised of ___________EXCEPT that, if a public defender or counsel representing the juvenile is present.
a parent, guardian or legal or physical custodian, the juvenile's [miranda] right to remain silent.
In order to charge a juvenile as an adult:
must be 16 years of age or older at the time of the commission of the alleged offense of a class 1 or class 2 felony OR Has committed sex assault that is a crime of violence.
________ is when one of the following circumstances exist: The child is abandoned or has been subjected to or been allowed to suffer mistreatment or abuse, Lacks proper parental care, Environment is injurious, Is not provided with proper or necessary subsistence, education, medical care etc., The child is homeless, without proper care, The child has run away from home or is beyond control of parent, guardian OR The child tests positive at birth for schedule 1 or 2 drugs
Child Neglect
The only person who does not have to report Child Abuse:
Clergy. Unless the confession is not made in a church sanctioned confessional.