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What is Simultaneous Contrast?
Simultaneous Contrast is the phenomenon which occurs when a color appears to change when seen against a different background
What is the complimentary color of yellow-green?
What is the color triad including red-orange?
Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, and Blue-Violet
What are the primary colors?
Red, Blue, Yellow
What are the secondary colors?
Green, Violet, Orange
What are the in-between (tertiary) colors (such as blue-green)?
Blue-Green, Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet, Red-Violet, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange
What two colors make green?
Yellow and Blue
What two colors make orange?
Yellow and Red
What two colors make violet?
Red and Blue
What is a neutral color?
Neutral colors include white, gray, and black and other subtle earthy or subdued colors in the spectrum.
What is achromatic?
Non-color, without color (include black and white)
What is the explanation of "monochromatic"?
Meaning one (mono) color (chromatic) if you take a single color across it's value scale you can still only choose one hue from that scale to be considered monochromatic.
What is a value scale?
The subtle transitioning from a hue's lightest value to it's darkest value. (these would include tints, tones, and shades of a hue)
What are the names of the values on an achromatic value scale starting with white and ending with black?
white, light tint, tint, dark tint, middle tone, light shade, dark shade, black
Where is the pure hue of red on the red monochromatic value scale?
In the middle. From there the red hue either gets darker or lighter on either side.
What kind of colors are made by blending green and red in various portions?
From pure red and green to various brownish colors that highlight the tints, tones, and shades, of red and green.
What are the additive primaries?
Red, Green, Blue (RGB)
What is meant by additive color?
Additive color is derived from light sources within the visible spectrum.
What color is made by adding green and blue light together in equal amounts?
What color is made by adding green and red light together in equal amounts?
What color is made by adding red and blue light together in equal amounts?
What are some of the uses of additive light or "RGB"?
Additive light is used on computer monitors, televisions, and spot lights to name a few.
In the color printing process, printers print with four inks. What are they?
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black or CMYK (K is used to represent black so that it is not confused with blue)
How is black used in the printing process?
It is used to depth and contrast to a print.
Define analogous colors.
Analogous colors sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel and can add interest to a design.
What is psychological color temperature?
It is the psychological response to various colors across cultures. It can be used to induce emotions in artwork.
What colors are associated with cold temperatures?
Violet, Blue-Violet, and Blue
what colors are associated with hot temperatures?
Red-Violet, Red, and Red-Orange
What colors are associated with warm temperatures?
Orange, Yellow-Orange, and Yellow
What colors are associated with cool temperatures?
Blue-Green, Green, and Yellow-Green
Why are certain colors associated with gender in many cultures?
Colors are strongly associated with emotion, power, money, and prestige across cultures. Where men dominate then colors associated as powerful would be worn by men. Religion and spirituality can have a large influence as well depending on a culture's stance of male vs female.
What three colors are preferred by babies and young children?
Yellow, Red, and Blue
Define color tints.
Color tint is when you add white to a hue to lighten the value.
Define color shades.
Adding black to a hue creates darker shade of that color.
When should we print type over a photograph?
When the type and photo beneath the text do not conflict with each other and make the text unreadable or visual disharmony
Should we use bold or light type on a solid or blended area of color?
What is the problem of printing white type on a black background?
It is difficult to read and causes retinal fatigue
Why should we not print yellow type on a white background?
It is difficult to read. They isn't enough contrast for the letters to stand out on a white background.
What happens when we try to read pink type printed over a light blue area?
The pink type is absorbed into the background making it difficult to see.
With what do physicists define the hues of color?
Electromagnetic wavelengths
From what is Indian yellow made?
Urine of cows that are feed only mango leaves.
What color does lapis lazuli make?
Why do we not use lead white anymore?
It can cause lead poisoning if a person is exposed to over a long period of time.
What color is sulfur?
For what colors is cadmium used?
Red, orange, yellow, ocher
For what color is cobalt used?
Blue, and violet
With what color do we associate the rose madder plant?
What colors does arsenic make?
Reds & yellows
What makes living plants green?
With what element do we draw to make black or gray marks?
Graphite (carbon)
What kind of paint medium is made from glass, is tough enough to use outside, and adheres well to metals?
What is watercolor made from?
pigment mixed with the binder gum arabic
How are good quality pastels made?
Using high quality pigments, gum arabic powder, mold inhibitor, and distilled water.
Define encaustic art.
Pigments mixed with bee's wax
How are fresco paintings made?
paint applied to wet concrete or plaster.
When properly painting with watercolors, how do we lighten the colors (making tints)?
you add water
What is egg tempera?
pigment mixed with egg yolks
What is casein made from?
protein of milk
What are some advantages of acrylics or latex paints compared to other paints?
Greater durability
what would you see when reading red type on white paper when viewed through a red filter?
You wouldn't see the red text you would have a solid red image with no visible writing on the paper.
What additive colors are reflected to make white light?
Red Blue Green