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The practice of the Supreme Court in which they determine the constitutionality of a law passed by Congress or one of the states is called _______

judicial review

The belief that the Supreme Court should limit itself to the strict interpretation of the Constitution is called ______

judicial restraint

The concern that the Supreme Court will become more powerful than the executive or legislative branches is expressed in the fear of ________

judicial supremacy

The practice of the Supreme Court to issue opinions and directives beyond the scope of the specific issue they are hearing is called _____

judicial activism

A _______ jury hears evidence and determines if there is sufficient cause to bring an accused person to trial


The pattern for the judicial branch of the United States is established in ____ of the Constitution

Article III

There are 12 Court of Appeal judicial districts including the District of Columbia


The judicial department is made up of 100 federal district courts


The Supreme Court is made up of eight associate justices and one chief justice


The belief in the rule of law is a critical factor in determining American greatness


The exercise of eminent domain is the right of the government to take private property for the purpose of changing how the property is used


When the justices attempt to determine what the Founding Fathers meant when they first wrote the Constitution, they are trying to discern __________

original intent

The power of judicial review was established as a precedent in the case of _________

Marbury v. Madison

The federal judicial system is made up of ________ levels.


Justices are _________to their positions on the Supreme Court


Jurisdiction that the Supreme Court exercises when they are the first ones to hear a case is called ___________ jurisdiction.


When the Supreme Court declares a law unconstitutional, it is using its implied power of _______

judicial review

Supreme Court decisions are made on the basis of _________ decision


Court cases that involve violations of the law or illegal activities are called _________ cases


The primary responsibility of the judicial department is that of ________


In a paragraph of 3–4 sentences, explain how the judicial branch has helped to "make a more perfect union."

The judicial branch's job is to inerept what the constitution says about the law instead of adding their own legislation. In doing this they assure that what the founding fathers intended for their future to pass. They help in adding or changing parts to the law to account for changes in society.