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Which Amendment guarantees the freedom of: religion, speech, assembly, press, and petition?
First Amendment
The right to practice any religion or none at all is___
Congress can't establish a national___
(Freedom of) Religion
Strict division of religion and government is____________.
Separation of Church and State
The right to express all ideas and opinions by speaking and also listening.
(No causing harm in physical way)
(You can criticize government)
Freedom of Speech
Knowingly making false statements that hurt someones reputation.
Right to express any idea in writing.
Freedom of Press
The act of publishing falsehoods that damage a person's reputation.
The freedom to hold meetings where you may express ideas of everything.
Freedom of Assembly
The right to ask ask government to do something or to stop doing something formally.
Freedom of Petition
The right to bear arms(hold weaponry)
Second Amendment
In the ______________________ the government may not force any citizen to provide hospitality for a soldier.
Third Amendment
Unreasonable search and seizure is guaranteed from the ________________________.
Fourth Amendment
A legal document that describes the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.
search warrant
The amendment where:
1) a grand jury must indict the individual of a crime.
2) You may not incriminate against your self(self incrimination)
3) You may not be put in double jeopardy.
4) You may not be denied life liberty or property without due process of law
5) You are guaranteed to own private property
6) The government can take a person's property for public use.
Fifth Amendment
A group of people that decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial.
grand jury
To testify against oneself.
self incrimination
to formally accuse
to be tried twice for the same crime.
double jeopardy
people can't be punished until the law has been fairly applied on the case
due process of law