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What is the United states government known for
Liberty (freedom among people) unless effecting someone else, Equal rights, self government ( anyone can be apart of it)

5 principals of American democracy

Everyone has worth, majority rules/ minorities have a say, compromise, participation, Rule of law(while everyone has worth RULE OF LAW)

Free enterprise
You get to decide all the decisions for your business (what to sell, how to sell, Where to sell, ect.)
A group of people that gather together that have power to make decisions that affect people and economy
A person that is put in charge and is respected
Set by the government to benefit the economy and people that live there(based on believe observations)
Government levels
Nation, State, County, municipal (city)
An area where people live and decisions are made. Needs to have a population, territory, Government, sovereignty (the ability to act)
Five functions Things we expect our government to do
Maintain order, keep us safe, good decisions, resolve conflict, have authority, do things that WILL help, fair taxes, protect the public good: National security, maintain order, resolve conflict, public goods (uses taxes), looking out for country
Theories of Rule
divine right the ruler chosen by god, natural rights we all have rights so power come from within(within), Social contract Giving up something for the security of all (compromise)
ruled by a king or queen EX. Jordan it's inherited Unlimited controls all aspects to follow the rules and laws of the monarchy
Single dictator or small group that makes all decisions Cuba violence and force to overthrow Unlimited It controls They have to follow the rules and laws
Totalitarian Regime (**Extreme dictator**)
dictation holds unlimited authority North Korea Violence and force unlimited Tightly controls have to follow everything the dictator says
Rulers claim to represent and be directed by religious ideas Iran through the church unlimited They control it through religion They have to go to church, following the riles of the church, respecting the rulers
ruled by few south Africa Membership ruling based on wealth, family, or military power unlimited Very controlled follow all laws opposite of Aristocracy
small group of powerful people make most government decisions for their own government wealthy, ancient Greeks, ancient Middle East Membership ruling based on wealth, family, or military power unlimited Very controlledHave to be wealthy They have no power

Constitutional Monarchy

king or queen who has to follow laws… Power is limited by law; the real power lies in another branch of government United Kingdom inherited limited They have most control over the people just follow the rules, be loyal and pay taxes

Republic/Representative Democracy
Government by the people Voters vote for people that make decisions united states elect limited Citizens have rights and get to elect representative to make government decisions They have the unlimited source of the government
Direct Democracy

government by the people citizens come together to discuss and pass laws and select leaders Ancient Greece elections limited government has very limited control over private lives citizens are expected to vote, be informed about public issues, speak their minds, volunteer and pay taxes