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27th February 2010


Chile,South America (GDP 46 out of 227)

34 km underground

115 km from Concepcion


Nazca and South American plate sank at a destructive plate boundary.

8.8 on Richter scale.

What were the primary effects?

500 killed.

12,000 injured.

500,000 homes damaged.

Roads+bridges destroyed.

Talka's hospital destroyed.

Santiago's airport damaged.

What were the secondary effects?

Lost power,water+communications.

Caused tsunami.

Chemical plant in Santiago set fire-area evacuated.

Copper mines (crucial to economy) damaged.

What were the short term responses to the earthquake?

President asked for rapid analysis+help.

Route 5-North to South temporarily fixed the same day.

10 days later, 90% of homes had power+water.

National telethon raised $60 million.

Emergency shelters built for homeless with the money.

What were the long term responses to the earthquake?

1 month later-housing reconstruction plan by government to help 196,000 homes.

Strong economy-no need for foreign aid.

Copper reserve income paid for reconstruction.

What planning was there for earthquakes?

Government had set responsibilities in case of a disaster.

After 1960-buildings earthquake proofed.

Anti-disaster drills.

Taught to "Drop,cover and hold."