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most deaths from child abuse are under age


majority of substantiated cases are

sexual in nature

caucasian, and SES, rural

top demographics

race and socioeconomic status

not valid indicators

Children with special needs

5x more likely to be the victims of abuse or neglect


sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, deadly weapon

most perpetrators in PA are

parental relationships

majority (89%) are

first time perpetrators

average age of abused child is

3 years old

child abuse and maltreatment leads to

numerous physical and emotional health issues- any and all

children with disabilities

4x risk of abuse, mental disabilities most likely to be victims of sexual abuse

specific disclosure that identifiable child is a victim of CA

1st MUST for making a report

individual 14 years or older makes a specific disclosure that they have committed CA

2nd MUST for making a report

75% of abuse

involves head, neck, mouth

Percent of children who have been abused before