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Term for a positively charged ion?
What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy the 2p sublevel?
Which of the Halogens is a liquid at room temp?
A horizontal row in the modern periodic table is called a...
The isotope of Hydrogen that has 2 neutrons is called...
The letter designations s,p,d,f stand for...
different electron orbitals within an energy level
A vertical column in the modern periodic table is called...
Atoms that have the same atomic # but different # of neutrons are...
As the energy level of an electron increases, the electron's distance from the nucleus, on average...decreases, increases, remains the same
Elements in the same group have the same number of...
valence electrons
Essentially allof the mass of an atom is due to the ...
With the discovery of isotopes, which postulates of Dalton's original atomic theory must be modified?
Atoms of the same element are the same.
In which group do all atoms have one valence electron on ground state?
Alkali Metals
The mass of the electrons in atoms is generally regarded as...
In the quantum mechanical view of the atom, electrons are confined to charge clouds called...
Which of the Halogens is a solid at room temp?
What is the maximum # of electrons that can occupy a single p orbital?
As the energy level of an electron increases, the electron's distance from the nucleus on average..increases, decreases, or cannot be predicted?
In which group do all atoms have 2 valence electrons in the ground state?
Alkaline Earths
The electrons in the outermost energy level of an atom are called...
valence electrons
An alpha particle is the same as a...
helium-4 nucleus
Which of the following particles has a mass of 4 amu and a charge of 2+?
alpha particle
alpha particle
An anion is a ...
negatively charged ion
In which group do all atoms have 8 valence elecrons in the ground state?
alkali metals
noble gases
alkaline earths
noble gases
The number of electrons in a neutral atom is equal to the...
atomic mass
atomic weight
line spectrum
atomic number
atomic number
An f sublevel can hold a maximum of ...
6 electrons
10 electrons
2 electrons
14 electrons
14 electrons
The noble gases are a unique group of elements. They are recognized as unique due to the fact that they are...
extremely stable and unreactive
The mass of a nucleon is approximately...
equivalent to the mass of the electron.