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After _____ you should check on your guest to ensure the quality of the meal?

C. 2 minutes or 2 bites

How soon after being seated should a guest be greeted?

C. 1 minute

What amount should you bring in your bank every shift?

B. $20

If food has not reached your table within _____ minutes you need to alert the manager

C. 15

How quickly will the majority of our appetizers come out of the kitchen?

D. 5 minutes

Which of our appetizers will not come out in the above amount of time?

B. Onion Rings

Which people do you need to speak to if your ticket times go long?

B. Manager, Expediter, and Guest

What signature bar drink should you offer to every table?

A. Texas Margarita

What do we garnish lemonade with (unless it is a refill)?

C. Lemon Wedge

When a guest orders a _____ you should ask if he/she would like a lemon

C. Iced Tea

How long should it take for non-bar drinks to reach the table?

C. 2 minutes

Within ____ minutes bar drinks should be on your guest's table.

D. 4 minutes

What appetizers should you offer to every table?

C. Santa Fe Spinach Dip

How long should it take for you to return change to your guest?

D. As little time as possible

What credit cards do we accept?

C. All Major Credit Cards

What is the first thing you ring in every time you start a new table?


What is used to write down and enter orders, in order to keep them organized?

D. Pivot Points

What questions do you need to ask a guest who orders Whitefish?

A. Fried or Grilled? What 2 sides? Seasoning (if grilled)?

At lunch what three parts of the order do we offer to take from our guests on first approach?

C. Drinks, Appetizers, Entrees

When is the best time to pre-bus?

C. Before delivering entrees, before delivering desserts

Do we garnish Fruit Tea refills

B. No

What must you ask any guest who orders shrimp with a combo?

C. Would you like your shrimp fried or grilled?

What comes on an appetizer plate with any rib or rib combo entree?

B. Wet nap

What must you ask every guest who orders steak?

B. How would you like your steak cooked

T/F After you deliver the check you should tell every guest about our guest satisfaction survey.


T/F When presenting the guest satisfaction survey, you should always ask for all 5s.


T/F If a guest tells you his/her steak is not cooked correctly you should offer the guest free croissants.


T/F If you are triple sat you should treat your section like one large party.


T/F If you come to work and realize you have a dirty apron you should hope the manager doesn't notice.


T/F If a guest tells you he/she doesn't like a side dish you should offer to get a different side dish.


T/F You are responsible for pre-bussing and table maintenance only in your section


T/F Servers are never allowed to seat tables


T/F If a guest wants to sit at a table in a closed section you tell them that they cannot sit there.


T/F If you are ever unsure about how to help a guest you should tell them you will ask a manager.


T/F You are part of each guests Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Experience.


T/F Before you turn in your cash out you must clean your section and be sure your side work is complete.


T/F The only team work you need to do has to do with running food and keeping up with side work.


T/F Every guest in the restaurant is your guest


T/F If a table is looking for their server you will be happy to help them.