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ok lisa i see that youre doing a brazilian today, did you want to add a

stomach strip to that? its only 14$ and it doesnt take any extra time

if guest needs to disrobe

okay you can just take off everything from the waist down, put your things there on the stool, hop up on the bed and we'll get started

if this is a first time guest you will need to

explain the 4 step process


the first step is our pre- wax cleanser. this is going to remove any makeup, oil, or lotion that will prevent the quality of your wax from taking place


the second step is our pre- wax oil. this will create a protective barrier between your skin and the wax and make sure the wax only adheres to your hair and not to your skin


the third step is removing the hair with our exclusive comfort wax. we're the only ones in the world that have this wax

so lisa how often do you wax?

ok, well here at european wax center we recommend coming in at least every 3-4 weeks for best waxing results. waxing regularly reduces the chance of ingrown hairs, it thins and softens the hair, removes dead surface cells and it makes each visit less painful because you're waxing regularly


the forth step is our ingrown hair serum/ calming cream. we use this product to prevent ingrown hair, bumps and breakouts. you definitely need to use this product every day if you don't want to have any breakouts which will soothe your skin and reduce redness

ending script

ok so we are all set. you can go ahead and get dressed and i will walk you out.

brow consultation

after you tell them about cleaning and protecting what do you say next

are you happy with the current shape of your brows?

lets take a detailed look at your brows together and see how we can prefect them

you say this after you ask about their current brow shape

what is the third step

the third step is removing the hair with our exclusive comfort wax. we are the only ones in the world that have this wax

what do you say after you wax the eyebrows

this is restore it; it will help your brows grow in faster

what do you say after you restore the brow

now im going to apply brow powder, perfecting the shape

what do you do after you apply the brow powder

you apply shape it. " this is shape it, it hold your brows in place and completes your look


and the last step is the calming cream, which wil soothe your skin and reduce redness.

2nd visit check in for wax associates

lisa, hi its so nice to see you again! right this way

3 rd visit check in CLEANSE

the first step is our pre wax cleanse

3rd visit check in PROTECT

the second step is our pre wax oil

3rd visit WAX

before applying the wax ask, "how was your last wax?" (if the guest had a WBIF, WBIB, or WEB "where you happy with the shape?"

the third step is removing the hair with our exclusive comfort wax

(while applying the wax) follow up on any samples or previous products the guest purchased, reinforce the importance of using the products at their recommended frequency, introduce any new products to the guest and initiate conversation in efforts to build a relationship with that guest

all guest check out

and here is the ingrown hair serum i was telling you about in the room. you deffenitly need to use it very single day to prevent breakouts and if your purchase 3 or more products youll get 20% off. again my name is carla it was so nice to see you again. (name) will make your next reservations for 4 weeks.