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Two types of components used for ignition systems in oil burners are

The ignition transformer

The solid state igniter

Ignition transformer steps up voltage to have an output of what

10000 volts

The solid-state ignitor produces an electrical output of

14000 - 20000 volts peak

Oil burners use one of two types of electric ignition control systems

Interrupted ignition

Intermittent ignition

The ignition spark remains on for only a short time at the beginning of each burner cycle when using

Interrupted ignition

The spark that ignites the oil vapors remains on as long as the burner runs when using

Intermittent ignition

6 advantages that interrupted ignition has over intermittent ignition

Increased electrode life

Increased igniter or ignition transformer life

Decreased electrical consumption

Decreased operational noise

Does not hide combustion problems

Nitrogen oxide emissions are lower

What's the definition of an AC transformer

A device that receives electricity at one voltage and delivers it at another voltage either higher or lower

In a transformer the winding that receives the electrical energy from the power source is called

The primary

In a transformer the winding that delivers electrical energy is called

The secondary

If the secondary winding delivers voltage that is higher than the primary then it is known as a

Step up transformer

What is the factor that determines whether transformer is a step up or step down

The relative number of turns in the primary and in the secondary windings

Transformers that are used for ignition purposes in oil burners are

Step up transformers

Generally ignition transformers will be made up of a turn ratio of what

90 to 1

A transformer is filled full of what substance


What substance is a solid state igniter filled with


When ordering replacement transformers what must you look out for 6 items

1: the size of the mounting base and location of mounting holes

2: the position of terminals

3: the style of transformer high tension clips

4: secondary coil voltage

5: primary coil voltage

6: transformer body size

Primary controls with three wires in the back( white, black, orange) is always

Intermittent ignition

Primary controls with four wires in the back can be hooked up either

Intermittent or interrupted ignition

The formula for spark heat energy is

Voltage times current

You must provide temperatures between what Fahrenheit to ignite atomized number 2 fuel oil

Between 600 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit

Iron core ignition transformers are sensitive to voltage


Four drawbacks of the ignition transformers

They're insulated with tar

Their windings are susceptible to moisture

They use 80 to 100 watts of electricity

They deteriorate over time

Igniters use a solid state printed board with what is called

Tank mechanism

igniters have a more constant output if input voltage decrease


If an ignitor is tested by bringing the secondary terminals together, how far apart should they be

1/2 inch to three quarters of an inch

Electrical consumption from an igniter is

30 to 50 watts

The first basic test for igniters is to place an ohmmeter across the igniter output terminals with the power off and measure resistance from each ignitor to ground. What should the difference in resistance from each post to ground be

No more than 10% between posts

Resistance testing of the transformer across the primary windings . Attach the test leads from your ohm meter to the primary leads of the transformer what should you be reading

3 ohms plus or minus 10%

To test the secondary side of the transformer touch one of your ohmmeter leads to a secondary terminal and the other to a mounting screw or ground what should your readings be

12000 ohm plus or minus 10%

What three ways may be used to transport high voltage of the secondary terminals of the ignition transformer

The ignition cable

Buss bars

Spring type conductors

The outstanding feature of ignition cables is


Describe bus bars

Non-insulated heavy gauge strips of metal

Spring clips are simular to the bus bars except that contact of the transformer is maintained by

Spring tension

Electrode tip should never be permitted to touch or extend into

The oil spray because it will cause a carbon bridge to build up

The general settings for electrodes should be

5/32 gap. 5/16 above center. 1/16 in front of nozzle