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in graham v florida the US SC decided that
it is unconstitutional to sentence jeveniles who commit a nonhomicide crimes to LWOP
three strikes laws refer to
repeat offenders
in their examination of prison victimizations wollf and Shi found that ____ of inmates reported they had been physically assaulted, and ____ reported having been sexually assaulted
32% and 3%
which of the following did wolff and shi find to be prevalent characteristic of sexual assault
having mental health problems
which of the following is not true concerning the wolff and shi study of prison assaults
the victims typically knew the motive for their being attacked, and retaliated instantly
according to a recent annual survey, ______ allegations of sexual violence were brought by prison a jail inmates
inmates who are _____ have a higher risk of sexual victimization in prison
serving a sentence for sex-related crimes
which of the following is a highly vulnerable area in prisons where sexual assaults occur?
shower rooms
when founded in the early 1980's the goal of shock incarceration was to reduce
prison and jail populations
arguments against issuing condoms to prison inmates do NOT include
public opinion concerning costs
one of the best known corrections riots involved the horrific incidents at the
attica correctional facility new york
which of the following three elements are important to bear in mind concerning corrections hostage-taking
command, planning, and training, and unity command.
which of the following is a staffing level that can be developed for hostage taking in corrections
all of the above
a critical element of emergency planning in corrections is a use of force policy, which should cover which of the following
which staff members are authorized to order the use of force, and what weapons and less-lethal munitions are appropriate
the goals of the hostage negotiation are to
all of the above
studies of hostage negotiations indicate that they tend to follow a common style
both parties will make exaggerated demands, and there is a period of withdrawal and a return to negotiations with more moderate demands
which of the following demands by hostage takers is nonnegotiable
neither of the above
it is of utmost importance during a hostage incident debriefing to learn
all of the above
returning the facility back to normal operations at the conclusion of a disturbance is also a major priority and includes all but which of the following
relocating all disruptive inmates who were involved to other state prisons
three strikes laws are
sentence enhancements mandating longer prison terms for violent offenders with records of violent crimes
critics of three strikes laws argue that
defendants facing lengthy mandatory sentences would be more likely to avoid plea bargaining and demand trials...
according to the national justice policy institute, the passage of three strikes laws in california
has had a disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic communities
several studies, including those by the RAND corporation and the national instit of justice have concluded that states with three strike laws
do not appear to have experienced faster declines in crime since those laws were implemented than have states without such laws
the three strikes law in California has
all of the above
corrections staff must make decisions about at least two issues
the inmates level of physical restraint or security level and the inmates level of supervision or custody grade
robert levinson delineated categories into which corrections classifies new inmates which include all but
security and custody, and housing and programs
security needs of inmates are classified in terms of
the number and types of architectural barriers that must be placed between the inmates and the outside world
custody assignments of inmates determine
the level of supervision and types of privileges an inmate will have
housing needs of inmates can involve the grouping of inmates into three broad categories
heavy - victimizers light - victims moderate -neither intimidated by the first group nor abusers of the second
program classification of inmates involves
determining where the newly arrived inmate should be placed in work, training, and treatment programs
criteria most often used for inmate classification include such things as
all of the above
a study comparing a private prison with a federal BOP facility found all but which of the following?
BOP institutions have higher rate of violence and sexual assaults
a BOP study of staff issues in privatized prisons found all but which of the following
BOP facilities had higher random drug hit rates than private prisons
to be effective an alternative to incarceration must
interfere with the inmates' lives and protect society
which of the following is not a legitimate alternative to imprisonment
court administered restitution
_______ allows the judge to recall an offender from prison and place that offender on probation
shock probation
the acronym ISP stands for
Intensive supervision probation
which of the following is not a reason why more people are going to prison and staying there longer
Plea bargaining
the two types of intensive supervision in probation and parole are those that stress
diversion and enhancement
jeffrey ulner found that the sentence combination associated with the least likelihood of rearrest was
house arrest/probation
which of the following is not true concerning electronic monitoring
EM has met with no controversy this far
some authors indicate concern that instead of being _____ to prisons and probation intermediate sanctions often become ______ to our existing correctional system
which of the following is not a characteristic of the day reporting centers in Chambersburg PA
the centers to provide an intermediate sanction for high risk offenders
which of the following is not a reason why inmate access to illicit drugs poses a major problem
increased costs to hire many more counselors
every year the length of prison confinement increases
the most frequent form of sexual release in prisons is through homosexual activity
prison and jail administrators typically believe the issuance of condoms to inmates sends the wrong message encouraging consensual or coercive sex
riot and hostage situations are the jail and prison administrators least worry because they can seldom if ever occur in such a facility
a corrections hostage-taking even is when any person is held against his or her will by an inmate seeking to escape
US jails have become increasingly dangerous because of the overcrowded conditions and their clientele are certainly capable of hostage taking
in a hostage incident in a corrections facility traditional CRTS are the first primary level of response
tactical teams are the most highly trained and skilled corrections emergency response staff
of the 24 states that have enacted a three strikes law none have made any amendments to their original laws
corrections administrators must assign training about hostage taking a high priority so that people in each component clearly understand the functions of people in other components
jail/prison records are of little intelligence value to negotiators concerning the hostage taker
at least seven states have narrowed the circumstances under which the court can impose a life without parole sentence for three strikes offenses
sexual violence decreased by 21% following the enactment of the prison rape elimination act of 2003
a critical incident debriefing will very likely be conducted in the aftermath of a hostage incident
in california after a record number of prison suicides a judge ordered the governor to spend more than 600 million to improve mental health services
today given more lax parole policies few states are struggling with what to do about inmates who are very violent out of control and also mentally ill
as an indication of the extent of the problem in 2010 prison officials in california seized about 11,000 cell phones from inmates
in the past most prison systems never used a highly subjective system of classifying inmates
the most recent development in classification is unit management in which a large prison population is subdivided into several mini-institutions analogous to a city and its neighborhoods
to date, hiring less costly workers for public, BOP prisons has not produced an acceptable level of public safety or inmate care
historically, arguments for private prisons include the prominent "free market" argument which states that private prisons deliver significant cost savings and equal or higher levels of quality
arguments against private prisons include that there is no guarantee that standards will be upheld; the company could go bankrupt and the company could increase its fees to the state
one criticism of private prisons is that they do not provide rehabilitative services adequately enough
some systems of monitoring offenders use satellite technology
intensive supervision, house arrest, and electronic monitoring are some of the most frequently implemented alternatives to incarceration
intensive probation and parole programs are used to ease the burden of prison
studies show that house arrest is ineffective when used in combination with other forms of sentencing options
the number of boot camps has declined in recent years due to their failure to reduce recidivism
respondents to an electronic monitoring survey complained about the restrictive nature of personal freedoms while being on EM
concerns with the use of electronic monitoring include the potential net widening