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What two basic roles that personnel activities like screening, training, and appraising serve?

(1) their traditional role has been to staff the organization

(2) ensuring that the long run interests of the employees are protected by the organization and that the employee is encouraged to grow and realize his or her full potential.

_________ is the occupational positions a person holds over the years


What is career management?

a process for enabling employees to better understand and develop their career skills and interests and to use these skills and interests most effectively both within the company and after they leave the firm

________ ______ is the lifelong series of activities that contribute to a person's career exploration, establishment, success and fulfillment.

career development

________ _________ is the deliberate process through which someone becomes aware of personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivations, and other characteristics; acquires information about opportunities and choices; identifies career related goals; and establishes actron plans to attain specific goals.

career planning

What the employer and employee expect of each other is part of what psychologists call a _________ __________

psychological contract

a psychological contract is an...

unwritten agreement that exists between employers and employees and that identifies each party's mutual expectations.

Who has a role in an employees career management?




It is mostly the ____ who must accept responsibility for the employees career


What role does realistic job interviews have on employees?

it helps prospective employees more accurately gauge whether the job is a good fit for them

How can an employer prevent reality shock?

by giving the employee a challenging first job and having an experienced mentor who can help the person learn the ropes

__________ _________ is a phenomenon that occurs when a new employee's high expectations and enthusiasm confront the reality of a boring, unchallenging job.

reality shock

How can career oriented appraisals impact an employees career path?

here the manager is not only responsible for appraising the employee, but also to match the person's strengths and weaknesses with a feasible career path and required development work.

_____ __________ _______ are planned learning events in which participants are expected to be actively involved, completing career planning exercises and inventories and participating in career skills practice sessions

career planning workshop

Some employers provide a 401k type lifelong learning accounts. Explain what these are.

both employers and employees contribute, and the employees can tap into these to get the career-related education and development they desire.

______ _____ generally help employees create five year plans showing where their careers with the firm may lead.

career coaches

Many call the combination of barriers to women's progress the _______ _________

glass ceiling

_______ means educating, instructing, and training subordinates.


_____________ means advising, counseling, and guiding.


What is the main difference between coaching and mentoring?

Coaching focuses on teaching short term job related skills

Mentoring focuses on helping employees navigate longer-term career type hazards

__________ focuses on daily tasks that you can easily re-learn, so the downside is usually limited


_________ focuses on the relatively hard-to-reverse longer term issues, and often touches on the person's psychology.


Effective mentors set _______ _______, are willing to ______ _______ ________ and effort the mentoring relationships requires, and actively steer proteges into important projects.

high standards

invest the time

Effective mentoring requires _________, and the level of ______ reflects the mentor's ______ ____________, _______, _____________ _______ ______ and readiness to _____ ___________



professional competence


ability to communicate

share control

What is an employees responsibilities as a protege?

choose an appropriate potential mentor

make it easier for a potential mentor to agree to your requests by making it clear what you expect.

Be selective about work related issues you ask about

The employers career development process should send the signal that the...

employer cares about the employee's career success, and thus deserves the employee's engagement

The performance appraisal should provide an opportunity to link...

the employee's performance, career interests, and developmental needs into one coherent career plan.

With ______-_______ _______, the supervisor and employee actually do jointly merge the employees past performance, career preferences, and developmental needs into a formal career plan

career oriented appraisals

______ is the rate at which employees leave a firm.


Turnover includes..., but does not include...

employees who leave voluntarily

involuntary separations

Reducing turnover requires...

identifying and managing the reasons for both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

Managing voluntary turnover requires identifying its _______ and then addressing them.


What are the top five reasons that high commitment and top performing employees gave for leaving

(1) pay

(2) promotional opportunities

(3) work life balance

(4) career development

(5) health care benefits

Why is turnover not always bad?

Losing low performing employees isn't as problematic as losing high performing ones.

Employers should understand that retaining employees is a _______ ______ issue, and that the best retention strategies are therefore __________

talent management


Where is a logical place to start when retaining employees?

by periodically tracking the number of employees- and particularly top performers and high potentials- who leave the company

After periodically tracking the number of employees who leave the company, you should...

identify the issues

An important part of retaining employees is clarifying what...

your expectations are regarding their performance

High ______________/ ____________ type practices seem to improve employee retention


What is withdrawal?

Separating oneself from one's current situationW

what is job withdrawal?

refers to the actions intended to place physical or psychological distance between employees and their work environments

What is one way to defend against claims of discrimination?

be sure promotion procedures are clear and objective

While subjective reasons can justify adverse employment decisions, an employer must...

articulate any clear and reasonably specific factual bases upon which it based its decision.

Todays focus on competitiveness favors (seniority/ competence). Choose one


If the firm promotes based on competence, it must...

define and measure competence.

What is a job posting policy?

says that the firm will post open positions and their requirements and circulate these to all employees

True or false.

Promotions are always upward.

False. Promotions aren't necessarily upward.

What are specific steps that are used to eliminate barriers that impede women's career path?

(1) eliminate institutional barriers

(2) improve networking and mentoring

(3) break the class ceiling

(4) Adopt flexible career tracks

A ______ is a move from one job to another, usually with no change in salary or grade.


What is dismissal?

involuntary termination of an employee's employement with the firm

What are three main protections against wrongful discharge?

statutory exceptions, common law expectations, public policy expectations

____________ ________ include federal and state equal employment and workplace laws that prohibit certain dismissals.

statutory exceptions

Courts create _____ ________ _____ based on precedents

common law exceptions

Under the ______ _______ _____, courts have held a discharge to be wrongful when it was against a well-established public policy

public policy exception

What are the five grounds for dismissal?

unsatisfactory performance


lack of qualifications for the job

changed requirements of the job


What are the two different categories of insubordination?

unwillingness to carry out the manager's orders

disrespectful behavior toward the manager

______ _____ occurs when an employee's dismissal does not comply with the law or with the contractual arrangement state or implied by the firm via its employment application forms, employee manuals, and other promises

wrongful discharge.

With _______ __________ the employer arranges for an outside firm to provide terminated employees with career planning and job search skills

outplacement counseling

________ _________ usually provide the actual outplacement services.

outplacement firms

___________ is when the employer sends workers home for a time for a lack of work, is usually not a permanent dismissal.


________ means reducing, usually dramatically, the number of people employed by a firm.