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customers have become more and more concerned about breaches of privacy, and it is essential that market researchers:

respect and protect the privacy of the customers without question

a market research study will answer important questions and reduce uncertaint associated with the proposed product, other major question is

Is top management committed to the study?

market research begins with

defining the objectives and research needs

after defining objectives and research needs, the next step in the marketing research process involves

research design

plans to conduct marketing research, next step

identify the types of data he needs to have

once a marketing researcher is ready to move beyond preliminary insights to specific, informed questions, the researcher is ready to conduct

conclusive research

looking or data to help with a study, reviewing secondary data, what should pay attention to

how the secondary data were collected

major advantage of primary data collection

it can be tailored to meet specific research needs

compared to secondary data, primary data

more expensive, more specific, take longer, are more timely

firms that use cameras to monitor the movements and activities of customers as they shop create

an ethical issue

when consumers are ____, observation become particularly useful in understanding consumer preferences

unable to articulate their experiences

studying consumers' online search behavior is ___ type of research


social media monitoring, in-depth interviews, and focus groups are all ____ research


use____ to help him develop his questionnaire

in-depth interviews

to identify potential business customers

ask the Chamber of Commerce for assistance

not an AMA guideline

personal information about research participants should not be shared except with designated members of senior management