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Angle of Reflection
Equal to the angle of incidence
Specular reflection
Regular reflection
Diffuse reflection
Irregular reflection
Deviation of light from its original path because of a change in speed in the second medium
Index of Refraction
Speed of light in vacuum/ Speed of light in medium
Total internal reflection
Angle of incidence comes back in the medium and reflects
Focal Length
Distance from the vertex to focal point
Real image
Light coverage so that an image can be formed on a screen
Virtual Image
Light rays diverge and cannot be formed on a screen
Converging Lens
Thicker at center
Diverging Lens
Thinner at the center than the edges
The preferential orientation of the oscillations
Principle of Superposition
at any time, the combined waveform of 2 or more interfering waves is given by the sum of the displacements of the individual waves at each point in the medium
Constructive Interference
Reinforce and overlap, amplitude is greater
Destructive Interference
Interference ending in smaller amplitude