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Which of the following is not contributing to the dramatic increase in network traffic today?

Client computers today can have 2GB of RAM, a 300 GB hard drive, and 2 Ghz processors.

Which of the following is not true about network design?

In designing LAN networks, network designers tend to err on the side of building too small a network

Which of the following is not included in the key deliverable for the needs assessment stage, the set of logical network diagrams?

specific routers that have been chosen to implement the proposed network

A _________ results when a network is used to a greater extent than was originally anticipated by the network designer.

turnpike effect

Simulation is a tool that can be used in designing networks.


Which of the following is not a step used in newer types of network design processes?


The network architecture component that is a special LAN with a group of servers that enables electronic data exchange of between the organization and the external entities it does business with is called the

e-commerce edge

The network architecture component that is sometimes referred to as the distribution layer is the

building backbone

The network architecture component which contains the organization's servers is called the

data center

Which of the following is not a key deliverable for the cost assessment step?

list of wish list requirements

The turnpike effect results when a network is used at a much lower rate than was anticipated when it was designed.


In __________, the network designer examines the available technologies and assesses which options will meet the users' needs.

technology design

According to one rule of thumb, ______ percent of circuit loading information is easy to gather.


Estimating the size and type of the "standard" and "advanced" network circuits is called _________.

capacity planning

Which of the following is not a step under the traditional network design approach?

An analyst takes the traffic on the current network and then multiplies that by a factor of 3.65 to come up with the estimate of the total traffic for the new network.

Today, many organizations design networks using the building-block approach.


Which of the following are not costs that are generally considered during the cost assessment stage of the network design process?

cost of advertising brochures for new products to be offered by an organization

The traditional network design approach does not work well for _________ networks.

rapidly growing

RFP stands for:

Request for Proposal

Cost assessment is used to look at the relative cost of technologies used in a network design.


Gaining an understanding of the current application system and messages provides a _________ against which future design requirements can be gauged.


The building block design approach is sometimes called:

narrow and deep

___________ refers to the amount of data transmitted on a circuit.

Circuit loading

Which of the following is not a main item for which network designers estimate costs for the proposed network?

ergonomic chairs for users

Which of the following is not a way in which network requirements, identified in the needs analysis of the network design process, are organized?

non-necessary requirements

To estimate costs for large network purchases, organizations often:

issue an RFP to vendors

In technology design, a network designer looks at available technologies to see which options will satisfy users' needs.


Which of the following would not be a type of circuit that needs to be considered when planning for technology design capacity?


The step of understanding current traffic on a network provides a baseline against which future network requirements can be compared.


__________ is not an important consideration when network designers review old and new applications.

Reviewing the NFL scores

Networks requirements can be divided into mandatory, desirable, and wish-list requirements.


There are some network modeling tools that can ________ the existing network.


Nowadays, most organizations use a simpler approach to network design called the ___________ approach.


A traditional network design approach follows a structured systems analysis and design process similar to that used in building applications.


When obtaining the support of senior management for a proposed network, it is important to use as much technical network jargon as possible.


The goal of the needs analysis step in network design is to develop a physical network design.

False-to understand why it is being built

Needs analysis is the final step in the building block approach to network design.

False-Cost Assessment is

In __________, the network designer considers the relative cost of the technologies.

cost assessment

The goal of the needs analysis step is to produce a ___________, or a statement of the network elements necessary to meet the needs of the organization.

logical network design

Which of the following is not an example of a building block used in technology design?

specifications for a particular lighting fixture in the network operating center

In needs analysis:

the goal is to understand what users and applications the network will support

In the technology design stage of network design,

the decisions for fundamental technology/protocols and circuit capacity are interrelated

A circuit that is filled almost to its capacity and thus is the critical point that determines whether users get good or bad response times is referred to as a(n)


To establish circuit loading, the designer usually starts with the:

total characters transmitted per day on each circuit, or, if possible, the number of characters transmitted per two-second intervals if peaks must be met

________ is used to model the behavior of the planned communication network once the proposed network map is complete.


The goals in the needs analysis step of network design are exactly the same when designing LANs vs. when designing WANs.


Today, most network designers use a three to five year planning horizon.


Cost assessment is the step in the network design in which many complex factors related to costs are documented.


Today, the most expensive part of the network is the hardware.


In __________, the network designer attempts to understand the fundamental current and future network needs of the various users, departments, and applications.

needs analysis