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Computer ___________ consists of electronic components and related gadgetry that input, process, output, and store data according to instructions encoded in computer programs or software


everyone computer has a _ _ _, which is sometimes called "the brain" of the computer;; the portion of a computer that selects instructions, processes them, performs arithmetic and logical comparisons, and stores results of operations in memory.

central processing unit (CPU)

A computer with two CPUs is called a ____-processor computer


____-processor computers have four CPUs;; Some high-end computers have 16 or more CPUs.


The CPU reads data and instructions from memory and then stores the results of computations in _____ memory; CPU works in conjunction with this

main memory

Main memory is sometimes called _ _ _

random access memory (RAM)

all computers include __________ hardware, which is used to save data and programs.

storage hardware

_ _ are classic computing devices that are used by individuals.;laptops & desktops

Personal computers (PC)

Computing device that allows interaction through a flat touch screen.


A _______ is a computer that is designed to support processing requests from many remote computers and users.;;provides some type of service, such as hosting a database, running a blog, publishing a Website, or selling goods. Server computers are faster, larger and more powerful than client computers.


PCs, tablets, and smartphones that access servers are called _______.


A server _____ is a collection of, typically, thousands of servers.

server farm

Computers represent data using _______ digits, also called bits. A bit is either a zero or a one.

binary digits

Bits are grouped into 8-bit chunks called _____


A __________, abbreviated K, is a collection of 1,024 bytes.

A __________, MB, 1024K

A __________,GB = 1024 MB

A __________,TB = 1024GB

A __________,PB = 1024TB

A __________,EB = 1024PB

A __________,ZB = 1024EB








Unit of measurement used to describe CPU speeds equal to a cycle per second; CPU speed


A device's cache and main memory are _________, meaning their contents are lost when power is off.

In contrast, magnetic and optical desks are ____________, meaning their contents survive when power is off.

volatile & nonvolatile

The first disruptive force that has the power to change business is the _ _ _. This is the idea that objects are becoming connected to the Internet so that they can interact with other devices, applications, or services.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Over time cell phone became this;; a device that has processing power, memory, network connectivity, and the ability to interconnect with other devices and applications.

Smart device

The second disruptive force that could change the way businesses operate is self-driving cars. A ____-_______ car (aka autonomous/driverless car) will use a variety of sensors to navigate like a traditional car but without human intervention.

self-driving car

Everyone computer has an _ _, which is a program that controls that computer's resources.

Operating System (OS)

________ applications are programs that are written to use a particular operating system

Native applications (thick-client applications)

A ____ application is designed to run within a computer browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

Web application (thin-client application)

Windows ________ is a version of Windows that has been specially designed and configured for server use;much more stringent and restrictive security features than other versions of Windows.

Windows Server

***Computers represent data using binary digits called:


***A ______ is used to receive and process thousands of requests from a large number of users

server farm***

***A device's cache and main memory are:


***Host operating systems that run one or more operating systems as applications are referred to as:

virtual machines

__________ is a computer software that is installed into devices such as printers, print servers, and various types of communication devices.


_____ source software is typically free and modifiable, and its source code is publicly available.

Open source

________ code is computer code as written by humans and understandable by humans.

Source code

Source code is compiled into _________ code that is processed by a computer; in general, not understandable by humans and cannot be modified.

machine code

In a ________ source project, say Microsoft Office, the source code is highly protected and only available to trusted employees and carefully vetted contractors.

closed source