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A camp where enemies of the government and other people are held against their will, often under brutal conditions is called a _______________________.
concentration camp
The breaking down of armed forces is called ___________________.
An agreement that says countries will not attack or invade one another is called a ______________ pact.
Warfare in which surprise air attacks are followed by massive attacks on land is called a ____________.
The leader of the French government-in-exile was _______________.
Charles de Gaulle
Trials of Nazi leaders charged with crimes against humanity, held in Nuremberg, Germany were called the _________________________.
Nuremburg Trials
The leader of Great Britain during World War II was _________________.
Winston Churchill
Japanese suicide pilots were also called _________________.
The battle of British and German air forces fought over Britain during 1940-1941 was called the __________of ____________.
Battle of Britain
The final large-scale attack by German troops that was forced back by the Allies was called the __________________.
Battle of the Bulge
The declaration of principles issued by Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt in August 1941 was called the ____________________.
Atlantic Charter
The Japanese admiral who decided that the U.S. fleet in Hawaii had to be destroyed was __________________.
Isoroku Yamamoto
The huge allied invasion mounted to retake France from the Germans was called _______________.
The Navy Base in Hawaii attacked by the Japanese was __________________.
Pearl Harbor
The sea and air battle in which American forces defeated Japanese forces near Midway Island in the Pacific was called the ___________of _____________.
Battle of Midway
The U.S. general who commanded Allied forces in the Pacific was _____________.
Douglas MacArthur
Germanic peoples were called ___________.
A mass killing of civilians, especially Jews during World War II was called the __________________.
The "Night of broken glass," when Nazies attacked Jews throughout Germany was called _________________.
Neighborhoods in which European Jews were forced to live in were called _________.
Hitler's plan to kill as many Jews as possible was called the _________________.
Final Solution
The systematic killing of an entire group of people is called ________.
The British general who drove the Germans out of Egypt was ________________.
Bernard Montgomery
The American general who helped drive the Germans out of Africa was _________________________.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Traveling with or for the sake of protection is called ____________.
The number of ships operating together under one command is called a _________.
When things are done according to a plan or system it is said to be _______________________.
Something that is important or essential to a plan of action is said to be _______________.
Spirit is also called ____________.
An attack made in response to an enemy's attack is called a _____________.